Moving on…

Dad: Where are you? You are not in your room?

Me: Downstairs, in the guest room. You saw me coming here. Remember when I was coming downstairs with my hand-carry and you said don’t worry she will come back??? remember??

Dad: Yea but I thought you came up again.

Me: …*confused silences*… I’m coming in 2 minutes.

When I went upstairs, after asking a few random silly questions he told me to send an email again.

Then I went to have Biryani, gave my baby nephew a bath, talked to my sis a little, and came down with my shaving kit. This was the only thing left for the spa time.

The thing is…

You can’t win every battle. There are some, you have to surrender to. And there are some you keep fighting.

I think I will have to live with all 3 categories.

I never got anything easy in life, even if I did, it was after enduring years of torture. So that doesn’t even count.

So what choice do I have except to move on?

Last night I broke, disconnected myself from my environment for a night to cry. And it kinda helped.

So maybe this is what I’m gonna do when it’s too much to take in. I will be the guest in my own home for a few hours to cry my eyes heart lungs out so that I don’t end up having an emotional public explosion.

As I’m moving on, I should move on here too. Sorry for torturing you guys with my crazy sad life events.

I might delete some of my recent psychotic/depressing/hopeless posts. Maybe…

Well. Going to start my Spa day.

Leaving you with “Blue Bird” by Charles Bukowski 

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  1. Sadje is right. Venting is good for the soul, and taking time for yourself is good for the soul, as well. There is a silly song I like by Pharell Williams called “Happy.” It makes me laugh (and dance). I’m not a good dancer but it’s just fun to move around. Sending you hugs . . .Take a listen to Pharell Williams “Happy.” It will make you laugh. . .

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