2 am ramble

It’s almost 2 am and I have biryani on stove. In case you are wandering what biryani is.. here is a virtual sample . Biryani is love biryani is life. At this point my life is a funny mess. My mind is play-dough and stomach is confused because it’s operating in opposite time zone. I’m... Continue Reading →

Please Let Your Daughters Live

I have to say something before my head explodes.  Day before yesterday I got to know that a girl was beaten, divorced and kicked out of home, in the middle of the night. When her parents were not in the same country and her 2 younger siblings were sleeping in their home. There are too... Continue Reading →

Special Ramadan Blessing

Ramadan Kareem Everyone! So, the fasting month is here again and you get that feeling of inner peace the moment it starts. It’s something I can't put to words. The whole year can be a total disaster. And you could be going through serious turmoil in your life but whenever Ramadan start its like I’m... Continue Reading →

World Art Dubai. Part-1

Sam (my best friend) and I have always been artistic souls. She actually won artist of the year in school. So,  World Art Dubai aptly called "region's largest affordable retail art fair " was one event we couldn't miss. We actually blind-walked into the whole thing as we wanted the experience to blow our minds.... Continue Reading →

A Vow to Yourself.

Make a vow to yourself. Everytime someone tries to push you one step back, you will push yourself 2 3 steps forward. Theres no greater revenge than personal growth. … .. Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to... Continue Reading →


Don’t you hate it when something great happens, and then it gets buried under the rubble of a hundred nerve-wrecking incidents. Nerve-wrecking would be an exaggeration. Mildly nerve-wrecking. It’s rock after rock until it’s a mini mountain that sits over all of your happiness. Art exhibition was an amazing experience. I’m working on a piece... Continue Reading →

I’m immortal, in an ‘I published a book’ kind of way. – Reblog

Love it when a blog friend (this one is an absolute gem) publishes their book.
It’s like, a bit of you win when they win. As we are on this journey together. ❤️

From famine to feast.

I published a book. I’m immortal now, like Ozymandias. [i] I’ll exist long after the last tree has fallen and the last river has turned to dust.

Or not. I have seller’s remorse. The temptation to log onto my account and undo what’s been done is enormous: that this mirrors bulimia, the theme of the book, is one of those amusing coincidences life throws at you, but not, I suspect, ironic.

It’s not that I’m not excited. I’m thrilled there’s a book with my name on it. I’m amazed I got it done. It was more work than I anticipated, and I’m less perfect than I thought. The editing and formatting were work. I made it, however, and under my self-imposed deadline. Unfortunately, since publishing, the “not worthy” gremlins have been busy.

My inside voice is convinced this isn’t a “real” book. It’s a compilation, so it doesn’t count…

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I have been dying to attend this art event since years and years and years.. And every time, I would wait the whole year and right at the time of this exhibition I would have some major reason to miss it. But this time look like it’s finally happening. Just waiting for Sam’s call then... Continue Reading →

Ready for a ramble?

Ready for a ramble? Hop on! I had a major meltdown one month back. But I kept it to myself because of multiple reasons that I will get into when we talk about the whole episode. I did let it out through writing but posting it didn’t seem like a good idea. Then one month... Continue Reading →

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