Latenight realizations..

Before i drop dead let me just ramble a little.With my plate already turning into an everest of problems, my book is just sitting on the top like a queen of my miseries.Actually its not that bad but right now its the worst of what im trying to deal with.Im not sure about coverHavent even... Continue Reading →

Falling #poetry

The tears and cries The spears and lies Few moments of joy Torched my soul alive I stood at the rooftop Stood still on an edge Waiting for my end Staring into skies And then torrents of rain Pelted what was left of me I was shaking with lightness My arms stretched left to right... Continue Reading →

Rambling away..

Friend: Can I come over? Me: Yea I have one big box left I will pack you in that. Came back to Dubai few days back and feels like I have been walking on my hands for days like I was possessed my the ghost of some demonic chef. Hunting for ingredients in 20 boxes... Continue Reading →

Mermaids – Movie

If you are a cinephile and you haven't watch Mermaids (1990), you are majorly missing out! It's one of those movies. Remember when your mothers were so concerned about you she would always be on the edge and running after you trying to control your capering hormones.. it’s the other way round in this movie.... Continue Reading →

Crying Hangover

Have you over woken up to swollen face and eyes so puffed up you can’t open them and you stay in bed for few hours remembering ..what was I on yesterday? And then you remember you spent every single minute of the day being a fking cloud! I don’t remember when I cried like this... Continue Reading →

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