Cracks on the plate…

Reporting live from the guest room… because I can't deal with the baby anymore…just kidding. But I need 1 full night's sleep, as he is growing bigger his shrieks are getting louder. I swear my soul shivered last night. Well. You think you are dealing with the Everest on your plate bravely and sensibly until... Continue Reading →

The Price of Privacy…

I’m having a little bit of inner conflict since I resumed my journey in the corporate world. Deep down I know the answer but I have that little fear of what if I am left out…. Let me explain. I have been away from the public eye for the last 5 to 6 years at... Continue Reading →

Pretty Leaf

Just came to share untouched picture of this pretty leaf i just took. Not perfect, but pretty. Looks like i will be stealing little moments from the day to appriciate it. While maddenning madness of life keeps making me mad.

Preparing for SSRI withdrawal. -MHA Re-blog

Mel shared her amazing daughter’s struggle with Sertraline (Zoloft).

I commend her for being such an amazing mother.


I have decided to write a documentation of the next phase of my daughters health and wellbeing plan. Withdrawal from sertraline. In preparation for this, over the last 6 months, I have researched, read and planned based on the advice and experience of those who have supported, gone or are going through withdrawal. I have done this by joining Facebook support groups. I have read some books and received advice from our bio medical naturopath and I have engaged a homeopath who is pharmaceutically trained. With the additional support of a great GP, we feel as supported and confident as we can to embark a journey which has potential for extreme side effects from withdrawal and no guaranteed positive outcome. But, as I was reminded the other day, we can never eliminate all risk, we can only prepare so much and then we have to stake the step. Just as…

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Yay Meee!

Guess what?? One night with the baby and my brother-in-law told me sis "please tell her (me) to come and stay with us over the weekend. We can't...." Guess where I am right now?? With my handsome little nephew!! My baby made sure I'm here with him. The first night with his parents he turned... Continue Reading →

I’m an aunt again!!

My baby sis made me an aunt to a beautiful baby boy. He is born a bit early so very tiny (kinda a small frog, dont tell my sis), but very smart and funny lol. At one point he held both my thumbs like handles of a bike and stabalized/warmed himself because he was feeling... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary rant.

I feel like im just going to have a horrible meltdown any moment. Im working at client from hell these days... it is actual hell. Broken chairs, borken floor, ac and fans not working properly. You cant lean back your seat will fall over. My back literally hurts. My baby sis is having a baby... Continue Reading →

A sad sad ghost…

Update I called her without thinking much ( as suggested by some of you guys, i just love you people) She is doing better, was going to see her friends. She herself started talking about how she was struggling and i listened and then i was talking and we both were talking about whats going... Continue Reading →

Eid Bling!

After sanding my face to the bone Using all the makeup I own Spending hours ironing my clothes…and hair… Wearing ghumkay (earrings), that irritated my ears in 2 hours. Yeah some people can only wear very few metals. And wearing the max heal I can stand on, that’s like 1 inch. This is the height... Continue Reading →

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