Pink Sky #FOWC #RDP #WordoftheDayChallenge

Pink sky Don't peek into my hollow soul I can't see you cry Don't plant colors of joy In my melancholic heart They will sink into murk Will vanish without a sigh Tell those chirping birds Don't waste your melodies on me Save them for another morn My end could be nigh Perched at the... Continue Reading →

Late-night Poem

Is it midnight Or afternoon My day is just starting And clouds veiled the moon That sneeze was the virus? Or dust being mischievous Or maybe it was nothing That mind trick was villainous And who is tapping Tapping on my door Or it was a random noise From the ceiling or floor I can't... Continue Reading →

Frondesence #RDP #FOTD

Allow me to share my absolute favorite flower picture, captured in Salalah, Oman. This place looks magical during 3 months-long rainy season. I captured a lot of shots of the frondescence of the city, but this one always stands out. And the gang.. And a quote from my favorite artists, Marianne von Werefkin. 1895 -... Continue Reading →

A break from Jumanji

Detective movies and carbs are a match made in heaven. A movie ago I had grilled chicken. I know that’s protein but I had mashed potatoes with that. Then binged on raw cereal (swiss chocolate pillows this is the kind of stuff I look forward to in heaven. Then some candies. I am taking small... Continue Reading →

My Abyss – Poetry

They say When you gaze into an abyss For long It starts gazing into you But I didn't tell them I know this gazing contest I know my abyss Like I know my skin Every night When the world Plunges into silence My abyss visits me Like a dark angel Dark and hollow We stare... Continue Reading →

Hello! #FOTD

Captured this little guy while exploring the mountain village of Oman. When the rest of his clan was minding their own business, he was going out of the way to greet visitors. For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD) .. Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved         Kindly visit my... Continue Reading →

Yellow Tulips. #FOTD #FOWC

I took this picture to write a review of the book “the plague”, but since I haven’t finished it yet, the review will have to wait Right now we are here for these fake yellow tulips. Every flower has a story, in fact everything has a story if you remember it. My mother used to... Continue Reading →

Big Eyes – Movie

Imagine a biographical film set in the late 1950s, that’s a Tim Burton movie and has Amy Adams playing the lead. And then imagine it going totally unnoticed. Nobody knows about this movie and I know why. They didn't market it much Simple! So next time, my author friends, when you think your books are... Continue Reading →

Comatose Pigeon

Nobody told me placing a donate button will be THIS hard!! Today was the third day and I almost gave up. Every minute of 3 days, I wrang my brain until I could sneeze out every possible scenario. Then testing the buttons. And simple payments, a widget you get with a premium plan! don't even... Continue Reading →

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