World Art Dubai. Part-1

Sam (my best friend) and I have always been artistic souls. She actually won artist of the year in school. So,  World Art Dubai aptly called "region's largest affordable retail art fair " was one event we couldn't miss. We actually blind-walked into the whole thing as we wanted the experience to blow our minds.... Continue Reading →

Artwork in progress

Kinda struggling these days. So, just felt like sharing this artwork I'm currently working on. yea, that's how i trace sometimes. Let's see where this one goes.. … .. Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their... Continue Reading →

Angelic – Portrait Art

Last night I stopped this portrait at one point because I got tired and I was afraid I will mess this up. So here is the whole process because you guys liked it last time. This is where I stopped yesterday. Then today I completed with a lot of trial and error and following is... Continue Reading →


...Written last night... Since art supplied are out and scattered, I went on to get my hands dirty again. Drawing on black is different from drawing on lighter colours because you are woking in sort of negative. This is progress so far. I think after this point it's going to go downhill. So, came here... Continue Reading →

Red – Portrait Art

I accidentally, actually alarmingly woke up early today because I heard water dripping. And that is the most effective alarm ever! But it’s been like 6 hours and I haven’t found anything like that yet. So I got a few things done and then I was just missing pastels. The only inspiration in my head... Continue Reading →

Just Another Charcoal Sketch

This is what happens when you are out of practice... and impatient! Took too many corrections to make it look like a human face, her features were all across the place, tipsy turvy. Well.. maybe should sketch more often. … .. Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To... Continue Reading →

Vitamin Sea

Sharing with you a healthy dose of vitamin sea. This has been the best beach day I have had so far.  Since it's not yet discovered by a lot of people, the whole spot is super clean and the water looked like green glass.  So perfect and so calming.. Pictures do no justice, they are... Continue Reading →

Breath of Fresh Salty Air

Randomly came across this beach when i was going somewhere else and had to stop. HAD TO! Blue and white flothy waves, buttery sand and lack of people created a megnitic pull. These moments were worth capturing. I walked on the shore barefeet after a very long time, since sand was super velvety. Covid has... Continue Reading →


Omg.. lm overwhelmed with joy right now and I'm so so grateful. Today i got notification its my 4th blog anniversary!! If that didn't make me tear up the next thing definitely did. Do you guys know about saatchi art?? It's biggest (as far as i know) art selling website, with a massive audience. I never... Continue Reading →

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