We talked about this a few days back. I needed to watch my diet and adopt healthy eating habits and you all shared some really useful tips. Since analyzing the current situation is the first step of..everything?!? And knowing myself, I would hate myself if I didn't feel well-fed So, I starting tracking my current... Continue Reading →

Gym chronicles..

Can you guys believe it?? Me niether! I don't even remember when I stepped inside a gym last time.. it was more than a year ago. This time it was new building, new gym, new machines..a whole new world. Actually, yesterday I talked to zazu (my friend and one of my closest human) and hear... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 12

You look at your friend looking suuuper hot for the first time in life and something hits you like a bus. And next moment you are freaking out..dude where is my gym!! That bus is jealously btw but sometimes it helps you. Pushing you to the other side of that dreaded gym door that's polished... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 11

Cried for 5 minutes on treatmill...that's so not me! And I felt I cried a nile at least. But this melodrama barely lasted for 5 minutes.. And my face was all dry. No tears no sweat.. Just a teeny tiny tear stuck on annoying I swear. Oh.. reporting live from gym again guys Went... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 10

Just came back from gym And I am so so thrilled. When I started I just knew dreadmill (treadmill, heard that today only and loved it) and stationary bike..could only use those. Now I can handle dreadmill, bike, elliptical, seated row bench (the thing I was talking about yesterday) and reverse incline bench…at different levels... Continue Reading →

Humorous Misery & Gym Chronicles # 9

Misery and humor goes hand in hand. Suddenly something is thrown at us out of nowhere..something terrible and when its over and we look back somewhere we find it funny..let’s say aftershocks are mildly humorous. Yesterday my phone was blaring and beeping all the time. Once I was told that it may not be a... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 8

I was supposed to write a poem with L today..but i couldn't Let me explain the reason behind my absence today. I really really want to get in shape asap and and my gym gives me some Glimmer of hope. Biggest problem area at the moment is belly. I heard planks do wonders...i tried yesterday..lets... Continue Reading →

HAAAALLLLPPPP!!!!!! Gym Chronicles# 7

Ok people Now things have started to look at little better. My odd bod has gradually started crawling towards somewhat human looking shape..or maybe a little slimmer (comparatively) panda Previously it was a huge ginger!..i am sorry I made you imagine it but couldn’t think of anything closer. So now..we have a new problem. My... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 6

Today the treadmill almost electrocuted me I am not making it up! There was so much static gathered on it I was scared to touch it throughout.. That brings another tiny problem. When my hands are free and I am treading and listening to music…you already guessed it right?? You know where it’s going..... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 5

hey guys! GCs again. It's definitely not couldn’t be Will tell you in a while.. Today, I opened the door of the gym and… Dang!! Usaina Boltie running proud in her athletic glory on a treadmill.. Hubba Hubba! Wait..did I sleep walked to another building?? This never happened before.. It was like Po looking... Continue Reading →

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