Gym Chronicles # 4

I really had to make an effort today. I am kinda mentally and emotionally stranded these days.. But.. I have a news! I lost 1 kg!!!! Yay!! Its not much. But given that I am not really following any diet and going to gym 4-5 days a week. And losing weight results from diet management... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 3

Hello hooomans! reporting live again. I know you were missing GCs. Been really busy lately. Mentally emotionaly physically Sometimes blank spaces occupy you and you feel busy when you are not. Sounds like depression..i know Well. So we are here. After skipping a day. I am wondering how people use trademill without drumming the crap... Continue Reading →

Gym chronicles #2

This is your fellow blogger Stoner. Reporting live from gymnasium of some building in UAE. I am cycling as i am reporting I see a family here finally. looks like they actually know what they are doing..unlike me.. They kinda look scared of me.. maybe just a little hasitant..maybe I suck at face reading. Damn... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles – Background

Me calls friend: hey where are you?? Friend: I am at festival city (it's a mall we were planning to go to) Me: wtf..alone??? Friend: yeah.. Me: How could you do this to me I am gonna kill you.. Friend: you weren’t replying my messages and you didn't pick my call. Me: Shoot! I was... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 1

Can you believe I am back already??? Yeah. Within maybe half an hour. well. The story goes like this. I spent 15 minutes to gather stuff. Gym clothing comprised of whatever looked comfy. Water bottle..check! Disinfectant wipes..check! Phone..check. A hair band to stop my hair from pocking my eyes..check A bag with the rest of... Continue Reading →

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