Fat Tailless Chameleon

Few weeks back I was standing in my living room when Dad was sitting on a sofa when midway he paused, then stood up and then let out the most dramatic “WHAAATTTT” he has ever let out. It was soap opera level dramatic! I thought if he stood up, I shouldn’t even try to sit... Continue Reading →

Storm of Random Phases

“I know you are bored, but how bored are you?” My brother’s worried tone startled me when I was diligently scratching dried slime and glitter glue from my bed sheet..because…nieces… “Umm. It was bothering me and sort of scratching me when I slept (I lied) and look this is coming off so easily” (along-with my... Continue Reading →


So I’m back to my room after 1 whole year, at dad’s place. My room here isn’t My     Room. It’s more like MyRoom. Let me explain. 8 years back I used to share this room with my baby sis and it was our room. Everything here was the way we wanted. Then one... Continue Reading →

Insomnia, my old friend…

So, I ran out of melatonin 4 days back..I counted! Turns out yours truly has been addicted to melatonin which she started to “fix” her sleep cycle. That brand is not available here, and with that started my inevitable metamorphosis to a zombie. I don’t know what sleeping when it’s dark outside feels like anymore... Continue Reading →

Oddly Calm

I wonder What fraction of zen state  is this. I have acne explosion on my face, it’s looking like 20 million pimples having a party on exactly half of the face, actually mask area. Then I got rejected by Amazon merch, surprise! It’s not the rejection, it’s the speed of the rejection. Like.. did you... Continue Reading →

The Next Morning

Ever been so exhausted that you can't tell which muscle is hurting the most? The morning after holidays, feels like waking up from coffin, because you probably thought you wouldn’t be able to make it. It’s surprising to be alive sometimes.  Too much peopling can be fatal. Morning coffee hits like a those life saving... Continue Reading →

Chand Raat Ramble 🌙

Switching to a new shampoo or cleanser etc etc, is always an upgrade, because you are moving on in life and figuring out what suits you better. But guess what. I have tried every hair product available to man and my crazy psychotic mane still looks like those things of 90s that we used to stick... Continue Reading →

When will it get easier?

My post-vaccine era of absolute joy is over. The glorious days when my head didn’t have other worries and I was focused on art and writing, came to a sudden halt throwing me off the vehicle straight through wind shield. This reminds me of hitman’s body guard scene.. watch it people, watch it! Well Back... Continue Reading →

Whiny People Problems

How did we survive these 2 3 days without an avalanche of whiny-people-problems. I can’t contain myself anymore so here we go! Breakfast atrocity Today I ordered breakfast. Don’t ask me why because idk the answer. I saw the cheapest available waffles and ordered them ..BIG MISTAKE!! I don’t say anything bad to food but... Continue Reading →

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