Comatose Pigeon

Nobody told me placing a donate button will be THIS hard!! Today was the third day and I almost gave up. Every minute of 3 days, I wrang my brain until I could sneeze out every possible scenario. Then testing the buttons. And simple payments, a widget you get with a premium plan! don't even... Continue Reading →

Ungrateful, Aren’t We?

Laptop: Damaged people are dangerous, they know they can survive. Me: What are you gonna do? Set me on fire like you haven’t burned my thighs enough? Start panting like you do when I open 500th tab?? Or embarrass me with autocorrect just because I suck at spellings? (Never won a single friggin spellathon). This... Continue Reading →

My Eyyyeeeeessss😭

When you try to fix your blog 160 posts at a time… you better find an organ donor for yourself. This is risky business. Who knew consistently making a mistake for 3 years will eventually cost you your eyes.. well honestly I shouldn’t have been surprised. My mistakes took a truck ride and came to... Continue Reading →

Red Lipstick Effect

I pulled out my cosmetic bag from a rubble of random stuff that sat in a corner of our room. As this is room of a designing student, we have whole mountain range of random art supplies. That’s where I stacked my stuff too until flights resume. My bag had a layer of dust as... Continue Reading →

Officially an Owl!

"Stoner stoner.." I heard a soft but concerned voice through my mild coma. It has to be dad, he is only brave enough family member to call me that. In my head I switch to snooze on the first “stoner” of this human alarm but it wouldn't stop. I don't think this one is a dream.... Continue Reading →

Rainbow on Volcanic Eruption

Oh God the joy of your own laptop.. it’s priceless guys! Few weeks back something went wrong with the charger of my macbook. Now it took me little time to figure out it was something wrong with the cable. type-C cable precisely, literally special snowflakes of all the cables in the world! So I put... Continue Reading →

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