Anger Management

Last night I maxed my weirdo level. I was super pissed. So I went to the kitchen, made strawberry and blueberry crumble (I'm currently obsessed with crumbles, surprise!!). So I made it, took a piping hot serving with ice-cream, and dumped myself on a couch. I have actually kinda fixed a small area for myself... Continue Reading →

1 am Thoughts

Maybe calorie control made me sick.Is it small cockroaches or just that weird feeling you get when you have unshaven legs.How weird it is to relate to Nick from New Girl, being a girl..I actually burned my tongue.What's the desi clothing trend this time. Instagram is too damn confusing.Those are filters right?? blurred images?? I can't... Continue Reading →

Adulting Pains

When you look at a cockroach for too long a point comes you can feel it crawling on you with its whole family its like a family picnic. I can't be alone in this. Digging out stuff you need from 20+ cartons is an annoying spine-hurting treasure hunt. And guess what I haven't found yet.... Continue Reading →

Update and a DIY

Update and a DIY This is my first day without the constant pain I had for 4 5 days straight. Had to take multiple medications to cope and realize my own mistake. I just overwhelmed myself too bad. But I'm better now. It’s easy to get excited and rush to resume your chores but honestly,... Continue Reading →

Fire Alarm Situation

Oh!! I was thinking what did I have to share?? The fire alarm incident!! So yesterday, when I was waking up. I was in that slumber inertia state where you can’t fully open your eyes but you try and start checking notification..which you manage to read by squinting really hard. You hearing is doubtful, you... Continue Reading →

Trauma, not Drama!

Your trauma, trauma. My trauma, drama? I read this somewhere and it hit the right spot so hard I had to finally write this long-awaited piece about victim-blaming. And here, and going to talk about most subtle form of it. We get into an accident, get physical mental and emotional impact. Then we deal with... Continue Reading →

Analysis! GC#14

We talked about this a few days back. I needed to watch my diet and adopt healthy eating habits and you all shared some really useful tips. Since analyzing the current situation is the first step of..everything?!? And knowing myself, I would hate myself if I didn't feel well-fed So, I starting tracking my current... Continue Reading →

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