Too much to write about..

You must have those days when you have a lot to write about, but you end up writing nothing at all. Or just few words. Overwhelming amount of emotions waiting for their turn to end up somewhere. To be documented and preserved in some form. And when you start your fingers tremble, you type so... Continue Reading →

Curious Case of Overdrive

Is it just me or anyone else is also suffering from this curious case of overdrive? 2020 is going to end soon, except if we God-forbid face another disaster that would made it feel like a whole year all over again.. So, maybe my mind is playing that shitty trick again where it keeps telling... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Tea

You must have seen mysterious monoliths appearing at random places. Just like that, there was a cup of light brown water sitting on my kitchen slab. I looked like over-brewed green tea. My last few brain cells refused to recognize it. It must be me who kept it there but what was it? It has... Continue Reading →

Bottomless Pit of Online Shopping

At what point do you realize you are sickly addicted to something?? Happens to me when I start losing sleep over it. And you wouldn’t believe what is it this time! Well, it's in the title..Online window shopping! I’m sure there’s a better word for it which I'm not aware of. Life was okay, I... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles #15

This year has been self-destructive when it comes to health. Binging food or shows during social distancing era starting pushing the bulges and tires out. Well they were already out but last year I was better since I was walking a lot to get to work.  When you take your giggly body to gym finally,... Continue Reading →

Best bday present

The night before my birthday, Dad came home after 10 days from hospital. He was supposed to rest so i got to talk to him at around 11.30 pm on my birthday. Me: hello Dad: hello Me: happy birthdayyyy!! Dad: happy birthday???? Me: oh! I forgot it's MY birthday, not your birthday. Dad laughed I... Continue Reading →

Disoriented πŸ™ƒ

I saw this notification: My watchlist? Are you kidding me? When did I set up that! Oh that was last year, or maybe few months back... can't remember. And last time I was trading on a demo account my stocks nosedived like this... I got this notification, when my hands were unpacking another box, my... Continue Reading →

That One Sister!

Unpacking, decluttering and organizing are probably most torturous ings of your life. Literally spine-breaking torturous! You think you have your life put-together, your limps intact and your stuff in the right places until.. You super-woman sister shares pictures of her kitchen!! Then your life, limps, stuff, and don’t forget your brain starts to fall apart.... Continue Reading →

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