Red Lipstick Effect

I pulled out my cosmetic bag from a rubble of random stuff that sat in a corner of our room. As this is room of a designing student, we have whole mountain range of random art supplies. That’s where I stacked my stuff too until flights resume. My bag had a layer of dust as... Continue Reading →

Officially an Owl!

"Stoner stoner.." I heard a soft but concerned voice through my mild coma. It has to be dad, he is only brave enough family member to call me that. In my head I switch to snooze on the first “stoner” of this human alarm but it wouldn't stop. I don't think this one is a dream.... Continue Reading →

Rainbow on Volcanic Eruption

Oh God the joy of your own laptop.. it’s priceless guys! Few weeks back something went wrong with the charger of my macbook. Now it took me little time to figure out it was something wrong with the cable. type-C cable precisely, literally special snowflakes of all the cables in the world! So I put... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Insomnia

“This is why dad calls you stoner” my sis said pointing finger at me. When I was in bed all day, with red eyes, my laptop sitting on my stomach (i lift it occasionally to cool my belly) and a bad of snack on the floor next to me. I got up to get more... Continue Reading →

New Parents in Self-isolation

Been doing voice calls the moment I wake up, to see my baby otter. Me: Where is my baby otter Mama otter shifted the camera to focus on baby who looks already weaker in 2 days (am I not thinking like a grandma?) Me: Does she like it there? Did she cry? Who is changing... Continue Reading →

Life these days..

Waking up to 20 stressful notifications (registrations, revenue return, promotions etc) Having breakfast with dad, while watching news, as he repeats every news. It's like 2 sets of TV are on. Pretending you are watching news throughout the day, sometimes actually watching..but just some times. Going to car porch to get some sun, coming back... Continue Reading →

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