Trauma, not Drama!

Your trauma, trauma. My trauma, drama? I read this somewhere and it hit the right spot so hard I had to finally write this long-awaited piece about victim-blaming. And here, and going to talk about most subtle form of it. We get into an accident, get physical mental and emotional impact. Then we deal with... Continue Reading →

I f***ed up!

I started writing this post on a serious note but then I felt my heart racing again and I said “f*** it” we will do it my way. Guys, I screwed up. Let's go back to pre-COVID era when I was working and it was cold windy and rainy and my office was having a... Continue Reading →

Comatose Pigeon

Nobody told me placing a donate button will be THIS hard!! Today was the third day and I almost gave up. Every minute of 3 days, I wrang my brain until I could sneeze out every possible scenario. Then testing the buttons. And simple payments, a widget you get with a premium plan! don't even... Continue Reading →

Ungrateful, Aren’t We?

Laptop: Damaged people are dangerous, they know they can survive. Me: What are you gonna do? Set me on fire like you haven’t burned my thighs enough? Start panting like you do when I open 500th tab?? Or embarrass me with autocorrect just because I suck at spellings? (Never won a single friggin spellathon). This... Continue Reading →

My Eyyyeeeeessss😭

When you try to fix your blog 160 posts at a time… you better find an organ donor for yourself. This is risky business. Who knew consistently making a mistake for 3 years will eventually cost you your eyes.. well honestly I shouldn’t have been surprised. My mistakes took a truck ride and came to... Continue Reading →

Red Lipstick Effect

I pulled out my cosmetic bag from a rubble of random stuff that sat in a corner of our room. As this is room of a designing student, we have whole mountain range of random art supplies. That’s where I stacked my stuff too until flights resume. My bag had a layer of dust as... Continue Reading →

Officially an Owl!

"Stoner stoner.." I heard a soft but concerned voice through my mild coma. It has to be dad, he is only brave enough family member to call me that. In my head I switch to snooze on the first “stoner” of this human alarm but it wouldn't stop. I don't think this one is a dream.... Continue Reading →

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