A Little Reminder

Never blame somebody's emotions actions and reactions on their mental health. It’s very easy.  It’s very convenient. But it’s very wrong! You invalidated their genuine response to a situation, when you would probably react in a more intense manner, when faced with the same. It makes them feel like their whole life is a lie... Continue Reading →

Emotional Abuse?

When will we start taking emotional abuse seriously? Or When will we start to actually recognize it when we see and hear it. I feel we still need centuries to be able to identify, acknowledge and validate mental/emotional/psychological abuse. Maybe we see it, deep down we feel something wrong is happening to someone. But as... Continue Reading →

You Are Beautiful!

Recently I heard 2 incidents, that made me wonder how come in the history of my 1000+ posts I never talked about body positivity exclusively. I Will talk about incident No.1 today. There’s a really really pretty, tall, slim super-mode-type girl who is a friends friend. Let’s call her A (solely because A is first... Continue Reading →

Sandwich Your Triggers

We all come up with our own recipe to deal will our triggers and anxiety that follows. And triggers are rarely avoidable. I came up with something that worked with me, so I thought I should share with you guys too. Yesterday there was a situation I had to face that couldn’t be skipped at... Continue Reading →

Hypersexuality: The Taboo Symptom of Bipolar Disorder – MHA Reblog

I really appreciate the author for drawing attention to her struggle. Please do read the complete post.

Bipolar: Candid Crazy

What is hypersexuality?

The word “hypersexuality” suggests some state of increased sexual state – but what is it exactly? I am frustrated to discover that there is actually no single, formal definition, even within the scientific literature.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says it is an adjective for displaying unusual or excessive concern with, or indulgence in, sexual activity. The Oxford dictionary doesn’t have hypersexuality listed at all. They have “supersexual” listed as a state beyond or outside the sphere of sexuality, as being highly sexual or sexed, and having a strong sexual appetite.

Psych Central uses the word synonymously with sexual addiction. They describe it as a dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual fantasy and the obsessive pursuit of casual sex, pornography, compulsive masturbation, romantic intensity and objectified partner sex for a period of at least six months. They elaborate by saying that this behaviour will persist despite negative consequences, intentions to…

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Believe Their Despair

When someone says “I had no choice, I was helpless” I get it.  Because I know we all walk a journey to get to a certain point and some of the obstacles along the way are just not in our hands and there’s no way to deal with them. You can’t always fix people and... Continue Reading →

Anxiety and Rage

"Anxiety is like a beautiful but intense energy, if we channel it positively we can end up with something brilliant, otherwise it starts to destroy everything", I told a teenage girl who talks to me when she needs someone. We talk about anxiety a lot. And what was it like when I was her age.... Continue Reading →

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