When the darkness creeps back in. – MHA Reblog

On September 7, 2021, Chelsea, the author of the blog Mentally(Un)Qualified wrote:

Mentally (Un)Qualified

I’ve been pretty silent on here for a bit and that’s because I was doing well – I went through TMS, found a medication that helps, and started being in nature more. But then the darkness started filling different corners of my mind.

I know that with good moments come bad, or at least that can happen, so as the saying goes “expect the unexpected” but I feel in my case it’s never really unexpected, I’m just waiting for the next time. The next time a dark thought appears, or a new trigger makes itself known, or I snap for no good reason other than because my inner neglected child just got pissed off again. But right now I honestly just don’t have the time to devote to yet another round of “LET’S GET READY TO… GET BETTER” because as many of you are aware the better…

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Day 855 – self worth mathematics – MHA Reblog

On Dec 8, 2019 Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem wrote:

A schizophrenic's journey from consciousness to awareness. In Oneness & Equality!


A thing about me, that I would like to make very clear, like “Chumbawamba” would sing it in 1997, is that I often find myself low, in emotion, in lesser then, ostracized, as an outsider – when meeting and working with people, where I would need to express myself, to participate, I would be expected to express myself, and in these moments I would as a common denominator start the expression of me – by me being inferior. I would start down low in emotion. This stemming from a pattern in my childhood of how my expression was not seen or valued – I would then as a child start to judge my expression and slowly poison and abandon myself and the part of me that still was this innocent expression – so I would then poison and abandon a part of my expression…

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Why Mental Health Matters – MHA Re-blog

on OCTOBER 10, 2018, michabiero wrote:

The Uncaged Spirit

Today is World Mental Health Day and if you are a frequent reader of my blog or follow me on social media, you do know I am a mental health activist. I was one before I knew it. From age 12, I have always had a keen interest on mental health. The first mental disorder I knew about was dissociative identity disorder (DID) formerly known as multi personality disorder. In 2017, two friends and I founded Project Fmile,a project that was started with an aim to spread awareness on mental health and suicide. The name came from the words Fake Smiles, most people I know who battle mental disorders always have fake smiles and we want to an end to this.We decided to do most of our activities online since we are able to reach a larger number of,and broader demographic of people. On our social media platforms(@projectfmile on Instagram…

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Why Language Matters When We Talk About Mental Health _ MHA Re-blog

On 2019-03-02, scarlettcat wrote:

Scarlett's BPD Corner

humanoid figure with a speech balloon above his head

You should never be defined by your condition. You have some symptoms but you are much, much more than that. It happens that sometimes people with mental health conditions are seen as that label by others. You are identified by your condition: the schizophrenic guy, the bipolar girl, etc. It’s easy to confuse the condition with the person but we should never forget that behind that label is a very complex person that deserves respect.

Details matter and the fact that we say “Joan is Bipolar” instead of “Joan has Bipolar Disorder”. You are not your condition. You are still an individual, with its idiosyncrasies. Language matters a lot because it shapes our perception or is it the other way around? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that language stigmatizes people and that has real effects like refusal to seek treatment and anxiety when interacting with people.

People with mental…

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I’ll be there, oh wait no I won’t..- MHA Re-blog

On 21.04.2017, The Strawberry Cat wrote:

The Strawberry Cat

Depression.. It’s the most devastating silent disease. Some days I’m here with bells on making tequila shots and dancing, and other days I’m in bed under the covers willing myself to die. Just fall asleep and never wake up. Not literally making tequila shots but you know what I mean. Happy and shit. Those days are few and far between lately, I’ve never been so tired in all my life. I just can’t sleep enough.

And then there are the days I wish I had friends. Friends to visit and socialise with and then I think no, I can’t have friends because friends are a lot of work and most of the time I just want to get home from work and hide. Sleep. And then I think well someone must care enough about me to understand that I can’t always deal with being around people, but no one does…

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The 0.05 Cu. Ft. Cell-MHA Re-blog

On July 19, 2016, the author of justdrivewillyou.com wrote:

just drive, will you?

This one is kinda long, just so you know, but I need to say all of it.

This is how depression sometimes feels to me:


Sometimes, life gets so overwhelming, I can literally feel The Weight of Everything. My shoulders slump. My sides hurt. It actually feels like the boulder is about to flatten me.

I get to thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made and continue making in my life, couple that with all the many ways I feel inadequate as a human being, and finally, contemplate all the wrong there is in this world, and how truly hopeless it all seems, and that big rock is almost too much to hold. It’s a chain reaction of negativity that, unfortunately, is easily ignited.

This, also, is how depression sometimes feels to me:


I’m at the bottom of this deep, dark pit, and I can see light way up above…

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An Anxiety Disorder Reflection- MHA Re-blog

On May 24, 2018, Jrsoltez wrote:

Still Standing

When I first started this blog I recall stating that I would comment and even write multiple blogs on anxiety and I’m here to make good on that promise 😉

Anxiety has been so prevalent in my life (the majority of my life) I now have to consider it a part of me in a way. Don’t mistake my statement as being accepting of my anxiety disorder, rather I have more of an understanding of it and know that although there may be times I am in control, it will likely lurk in waiting. I often describe it as going dormant or partially dormant, but I would never say I am “cured”.  I’m a firm believer in a person’s ability to constantly better themselves, and that is how I look at rising above the disorder. I have no issues with the anxiety disorder label hanging over my head, I do…

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Battling the Demon of Idealism: Why You Don’t Have to Be Obsessed with Becoming Great- MHA Reblog

On March 1, 2022, Leon Garber wrote:

Leon's Existential Cafe

I’m not an idealist.

I don’t consider myself to be an amazing therapist, writer, or human. To possess any of those distinctions, one needs to suffer and suffer greatly. Many writers have struggled to perfect their craft in desolate dungeons. History is full of its share of martyrs. And there are countless clinicians who take on some of the most difficult patients imaginable. Tremendous sacrifice is built into the edifice of greatness. And for some, that degree of charity is the sole foundation for self-esteem.

I’m not an idealist because I can’t imagine making those sacrifices. The best therapists in the world treat individuals with severe personality and psychotic disorders; they’re able to resist the deep pull of leisure to serve their communities in highly admirable ways. But, as much as I admire them, I don’t want to become one of them. The circumstances of their work are harsh and…

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