Can You Imagine? — Wandering For Money – MHA Re-blogs

Wandering For Money - Adventures, tips and experiences in finding ways to make and save money Can you imagine? Continue reading “Can You Imagine?”… The post… 9 more wordsCan You Imagine? — Wandering For Money P.s. It's a beautiful piece about loss and grief by my very dear friend, please do visit.

Trauma from years of severe bipolar disorder episodes — Bird Flight – MHA Re-blog

This morning, I just read a blog post by Melody Moezzi entitled “Bipolar & Hospitalization – When Treatment Is Traumatic“. I found it addressed a significant topic that I’ve heard/read others discuss in the past. However, when hearing/reading such stories, I think back to some of my many hospitalizations. I, too, was literally dragged […]Trauma... Continue Reading →

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