Pink Sky #FOWC #RDP #WordoftheDayChallenge

Pink sky Don't peek into my hollow soul I can't see you cry Don't plant colors of joy In my melancholic heart They will sink into murk Will vanish without a sigh Tell those chirping birds Don't waste your melodies on me Save them for another morn My end could be nigh Perched at the... Continue Reading →

Late-night Poem

Is it midnight Or afternoon My day is just starting And clouds veiled the moon That sneeze was the virus? Or dust being mischievous Or maybe it was nothing That mind trick was villainous And who is tapping Tapping on my door Or it was a random noise From the ceiling or floor I can't... Continue Reading →

My Abyss – Poetry

They say When you gaze into an abyss For long It starts gazing into you But I didn't tell them I know this gazing contest I know my abyss Like I know my skin Every night When the world Plunges into silence My abyss visits me Like a dark angel Dark and hollow We stare... Continue Reading →

Dream #writephoto

My eyelids flutter Like thick curtains As I cram another dream Of heaven and beyond To hide it From the brutal circus Of envious clowns I hold my breath Like I could hold the scent Of earthy heathers Scattered across a field Like winter snow Only colored ..Sublime.. I clutch my fists To hold the... Continue Reading →

Silver #writephoto

Sun lashed at still water Like a goddess brimming With cold rage Turned it silver in pain Shivering and clinging to sand Trying not to skid deeper Not to lose it soul Not to dry out to a salty patch This little pond Bore the callous flogging Clutched its every breath For all the lives... Continue Reading →

Once Again – Poetry

One more peck and I drop to ground My claws curl and dig into my skin To suppress natural urge to attack Or to defend the next hit I hold back my groans I swear I wont scream I wont tell anybody About my suffering With my shoulder crying And my eyes weeping Wings twisting... Continue Reading →

Cocoon – poetry #writephoto

I heard my name between serrated whispers Those whispers crawled like slimy worms over my solitude Disgust rose to my throat like mercury shooting up And I saw fear peeking through curtains with conniving eyes Rubbing its hand together, watching my next move My wings started rolling into themselves from all edges, slowly Every feather... Continue Reading →

I’m Bitter!

I just watched the movie Big Eyes and all i can say for now is: When you let people Lie about you For years Nobody believes you When you start telling the truth.. … Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved    Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am... Continue Reading →

Make me calm #WritePhoto #Poetry

Cold Make me cold Like those stone walls So old Calm Make me calm Like that baby’s hand Nestled in my palm Still Make me still Just like the winter ocean ..tranquil.. Cry Don’t make me cry Like that smoldering rain Drizzling from red sky Light Show me some light It’s getting dark and i’m... Continue Reading →

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