C’s home…

They say we turn into a star When our soul floats away Unshackled from our form Like dainty feathers of a dandelion Crumbling to the lightest winds But … We both knew Stars belong to the night And get swallowed by heat When I’m being torched In the broad day light So, You flew right... Continue Reading →


I lay hereSprawled over Under the cold ashen skyOn the dampness of the shore My broken wings Fanned out in a circleMy heartbeat Fainting in my hollow core Winds numbing and hurting My tips and toesWaiting to be swallowed aliveI can’t fight anymore The giant is galloping nowSeething tyranny in its eyesOur gaze meet for... Continue Reading →

2021 Recap – Art & Poetry

The email from google map timeline was a reminder that 2021 have actually been quite eventful. Our mind focuses on the negative events and we often forget the positive ones sooner. So I went through my photo gallery and blog since this is where my life is most documented, in words and images. It’s not... Continue Reading →

Paper mache doll

And suddenly I’m that shell of a person With my soul sucked out of ears All there’s left is a paper mache doll Hollow Confused Floating around One room to other A blind walk on a memorized loop I haven't lost vision But still I can’t see Like there is a veil behind my own... Continue Reading →

When it’s over..

I'm staring into the night Black jewel encrusted giants circling me As if Its an amphitheater And i'm going to perform I can see moon peeking from the edge of a giant I'm burrowed in my couch My eyes stretch in horror when i'm not horrified It's first punch of reality right in the face... Continue Reading →

Human or Beast?

Silence can be tricky You can't tell if its healing you Or eating you inside If you are going to be hit by a storm Or you are lying numb in the eye of storm You are tired and surrendered Or you are too strong to care about chaos Are you walking toward destiny Or... Continue Reading →


Now what?Which way do I swimWhere do I hack a pathIn this freezing ocean I’m thinking Floating weightlessly In the eye of the ripplesBirthed by my tears I’m Numb with fear Of choosing wrongWhat if I go deeperAnd get lost on the horizonJust like the sun Or what if Ocean swallows meto punish me For... Continue Reading →

Poem: “Autobiographile” – Text and Spoken Word – 24/07/20- Re-blog

This… gave me goosebumps.
Please listen to this poetry.

Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

“Autobiographile” audio

I have experienced this before and triumphed. 
I have ridden the tempestuous waves and reigned freely.
I have arisen from the waking dead and become full of life,
now an ability to see, to breathe.
I have lived, and I have learned,
and this is what I wish to be seen.

Personally, I’ve taken chances, I’ve danced around the point on many occasions,
I’ve felt exalted and indulged in certain forms of delectation, 
those which cut the edge, which sharpened minds,
but which drained a soul, caused a family’s divide. I am lucky to be unconditionally loved, I was always forgiven. No matter the paths I took, I sought, I willingly wandered down, because my curiosity definitely killed the cat and allowed certain truths to be explored and owned, I didn’t decide to perform such missions as a means of breaking others, it was simply my choice, selfish…

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O Darkness of the Night

O darkness of the night Why This world is so hollow Hearts so heavy Minds so light Form Tattered and torn Like a knackered rag doll Soul Flying stray in the sky Like an unmoored kite Tales Blatant lies of glory Everyone's veiling their plight Pain A constant bane Still, I guess I’m all right... Continue Reading →

Final Breaths

I heard dry rustling  Stench burned my eyes Pain numbed my mind My carcass perched On the edge of my grave Pale and faded Dry as a twig Soulless Like forgotten pages Of forbidden books Winds crackled my skin And I saw my existence Flaking and tumbling Down my body And pooling around me Like... Continue Reading →

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