Falling #poetry

The tears and cries The spears and lies Few moments of joy Torched my soul alive I stood at the rooftop Stood still on an edge Waiting for my end Staring into skies And then torrents of rain Pelted what was left of me I was shaking with lightness My arms stretched left to right... Continue Reading →

Murky Skies #poetry

I see darknessWith eyes wide openIn broad day lightHas the sun stopped shining?Or stars have diedTo ashes as greyAs dead eyesLike wounded smilesAnd withering memoriesFew moments of joySwallowed by liesOr just like forgotten soulsWho faded from our livesOnce they ascendedTo murky skiesOr specs of kindnessThat flew around like stardustBut the wrath of fateTorched those poor... Continue Reading →

Eye of storm #poetry

Found this incomplete poem in my notes when I was looking for a letter I keep updating and never plan to send. Well. It was written in july and I have no idea where it was meant to go. Might or might not conplete it later.. When the world Whipped in bewilderment Cold wind stirring... Continue Reading →

Sobs of Torment #poetry

Sobs of torment Sink into pillows Burn in rage Like a wild dragon Growing mighty With every cry As every tear Feed the anger And.. With hate Bubbling in heart And vengece Brimming in eyes She waits... For the moment Her wings are strong To take a flight And wreack a hevoc For demons Who... Continue Reading →

A Hell in Disguise #writephoto #poetry

Blues of the tranquil sky Froze my gaze on that tiny arc The silver crescent Smiling down at the circus A pained smile Watching Plastics turning human Humans turning plastic Hearts turning ice Ice flooding the land Planet shaking in fear Murky air And yet We just don't care Willows weeping Oceans reeking But no!... Continue Reading →

Triggers #poetry

Shards of memories Send ripples through my mind And shake my soul Shattering my heart All over again As new scars are etched Over my past wounds Old scabs are scratched Mindlessly.. Turning my body Into the blue ruins And I lay half-dead Curling into myself Or I will vapourize And lose my existence Into... Continue Reading →

Lunatic – Poetry

Those magical nights are back again When the sky hypnotize me And stars devour my sanity I lose track of time As I lay on the sky above And count waves of the ocean Glowing below, as they charge To the lonely shore And I look at passing cars They look like fireflies Going home... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Meltdowns

Loneliness whispered to me There's nobody watching you Nobody envying your smile Nobody smiling at your tears Nobody mocking your feelings Not a single soul belittling your fears So, breathe easy, hun And it let it be Loosen that knot in your throat And set your grudges free You can be mad, that's okay That... Continue Reading →

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