Random Lane

The circus world has become can be overwhelming at times. When the chaos starts to challenge that fine and frail line between sanity and insanity, turn to a random lane. And dont even try to look back for some time. Keep walking this new path, absorb its energy and vibe and appreciate this chance you... Continue Reading →

Merch Ramble

Anyone tried to get into amazon merch? It’s mind-melting. I could feel my mind oozing from my ears with cold condensation. Confusing??? Exactly that’s what it was! A little youtube research told me the most difficult part is the description where you try to prove how awesome you are in not more than 500 characters.... Continue Reading →

1 Peaceful Moment at a Time …

When people try to ruin your day in a hundred ways, because this is what they thrive on, try to find some ways to make it better. I went to Sam’s (bff) place yesterday, because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be close to someone who really cares about me. We had... Continue Reading →

You Deserve to be Happy

You know whats the worst part of being in an abusive relationship?? You start to question and blame yourself. Because they manipulate you into thinking that no matter how horrible their behaviour is, they are the best you could ever get. And the society keeps reminding you world out there is worse. So you just... Continue Reading →

Perfect Turkish Coffee!

Story time! So first time I got ground Turkish coffee was from Global Village, Dubai. It’s a festival with pavilions of different countries. I chose the beans and got them to grind it. Traditionally Turkish coffee is made in special pot (cezve) on hot sand. Now I don’t exactly remember how I tried to brew... Continue Reading →

A Sneak Peek of Swinging Sanity

I have been thinking about doing something to give you guys an idea of what to expect inside the book swinging sanity. I saw book trailers, which honestly were like movie trailers. That I don't think I can manage. Then I came up with something. Swinging sanity has 5 chapters with 7 poems each. Each... Continue Reading →

Mangosteen Appreciation Post

I dont really review food and all. But this fruit!! This beauty has my heart. I don't know where else they can be found but the ones available here are from Thailand. This is what they look like. Then you take a knife and cut it horizontally in the middle but dont go all the... Continue Reading →

Frog in Boiling Water

We all have heard that fable right? A frog when suddenly put into hot water, will jump out to save its life. But if it’s put in normal temperature water and the water is slowly boiled, it won’t try to save itself as its body get adjusted with the suffering and it slowly dies. FYI:... Continue Reading →

Weird day.

Morning started with a sad sad news. An extremely talented drummer of Pakistan, Farhad Humayun passed away at just 42. Been a fan of his music. I thought it was covid but he was battling cancer since 2018. It's such a huge loss. Then pulled myself togather for the day and went to a famous... Continue Reading →

The Tragic Dichotomy

What next dawn brings, we can never know. It's hard to stay positive when your plans came crashing down. And it's hard to stay positive when things are going fine because good times always feel like a trade. Like we will be paying for all those moment of joys. When I'm standing at a point... Continue Reading →

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