End-of-day ramble

I was jumping with joy, until I was jumping in panic. Sometimes I just freeze in a moment and wonder what has my life come to? Can I do one thing without a problem? My sister disagrees… she says it runs in the blood. Well. I was happy that my basil and tomato seeds were... Continue Reading →

Sam was here..

Some people are like pieces of puzzle that complete your existence. They can be laying on a table, scattered and you are aware of their presence. But when they join you, its that moment you realize what was missing. Sam (my best friend, and my closest person) moved here. Something we both didn't know could... Continue Reading →


I don't remember a dreamless day. The dreams we have with our eyes, mind and soul, all of them, wide open and free. Only thing shut, is our connection with reality. I think the more suppressed your reality is, the most valorous your dreams are. A secret anarchy within a person. I would always sit... Continue Reading →

Fixing Broken Connections

Omg my kneeeeeeeeeess! I’m getting old. Unpacking, cleaning each and every tiniest thing, assigning perfect location and literally inventing more space to adjust all of my stuff, is sending me body in 90s in 30s. At this point, the whole cleaning is running on an infinity loop. I saw a film of dust on the... Continue Reading →


After 3 days of tests and all doctor’s have done one procedure. Actually turned out dad had some stuff slipped from his gallbladder to bile duct and it got blocked there. The blockage inflamed the whole region. So they have done endoscopy and cleaned it and inserted stent in it. Just after that procedure there’s... Continue Reading →

Weird fking day..

Guess who is in town?? Saaammmmmmm!!! After 7 years of living apart, we are finally in the same country and city! I was tracking her flight, and waiting for her like an excited monkey. And when i heard her voice i was like... "welcome to Dubai!!!" And i was so happy and thrilled, I will... Continue Reading →

Pushing through

I think I am having some success here with pushing through all of whatever is happening. Thanks to my friend C, who kept constantly telling me to not give up and to keep moving or do something even it’s the tiniest thing. And sending me screenshots of live baby panda..it's just our thing. It’s 10... Continue Reading →

October Plans

I feel like a horrible person. I thought I was doing well and staying calm but it suddenly hit me like a basketball in the face (trust me I literally know how it feels in the middle of a match) Well. So yesterday it started happening. The buildup of excruciating pain is like a scared... Continue Reading →


I thought maybe I have healed to some extend, maybe I actually have. I don’t know why I suddenly feel cold and numb, like everything has come to a sudden halt. Conversations are just getting harder for whole family, you can hear their voice trembling and breaking even though we all try extremely hard to... Continue Reading →

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