Stop Glorifying Sacrifices

We have been normalizing a wrong trend since centuries and it’s soo deep-rooted you look selfish when you talk about it. My very close friend (unicorn) who has been with be through my hardest times. Has caught the virus along-with her whole family. She, her husband, kids all of them are really unwell. Even though... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary ramble

So, my relative who was visiting me is gone… with my already-very-little energy. And all I want is popeye's spinach can that could shoot my energy from 0 to 100 in 1 gulp, since I have beaten the record of permanently exhausted pigeons and lazy walruses. Is it normal to lose appetite when you are... Continue Reading →

Baby tomato 😭

I'm crying. In the middle of chaos, my plants have been trying so hard to comfort me. This one is still in a paper cup and look.. They make the calmest part of my day. … .. Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where... Continue Reading →

What’s keeping me away..

It's 2. 24 am, God knows whyI thought I should do this. Maybe because some of you (like 2 to 3 of you) were concerned as they have been following for a long time and this place doesn’t really sound like me these days. And this post is like a note to myself because sometimes... Continue Reading →

Random updates

First of all sorry for not responding to comments promptly, I’m in the middle of a lot of things (this is becoming a constant now) Along with studies, existing schedule and a lot of major and minor changes, I am scheduled to be vaccinated soon and that freaked my dad really bad. I was already... Continue Reading →


Chaos is a sticky web. Once you accidentally fly into it, you are imprisoned for an eternity. Sun soars and sinks on the horizon in a perpetual  loop and you helplessly watch it everyday. At night, you count the same star until you fall asleep. After a few nights you know every trail, every constellation,... Continue Reading →

Forcing myself to rest.

It all started 10 days back.. I had guests over and there was a couple that weren’t invited initially but they said they wanna come over so I let them, they have been asking for a long time. All sounds well until I tell you the guy has OCD. Actual OCD. And my home wasn’t... Continue Reading →

I think I’m losing it..

How many of you have googled " how garbage rooms work?" Raise your hands. No one? Ok let me raise mine, because this is where I am mentally at this moment! In case you were wondering. It's been more than a week i have been non stop decluttering, cleaning and moving things around the home.... Continue Reading →

Plant Mom is Happy 😊

The story goes like this.. Exactly 2 months and 10 days back I took some over-riped ( over-riped for months!) Cherry tomatoes that I got in groceries and took their seeds out and germinated them. I wasn't expecting almost all of them to germinate successfully. But they did! Moved a lot of them to soil.... Continue Reading →


I would be surprised if i wake up tomorow i qm literally dying with exhaustion. Workouts in winters are hard if you are new to it. You don't know what a crazy ass hoarder you are untill you start decluttering. I didn't even need to do this one! I had guests and they started roaming... Continue Reading →

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