Yay Meee!

Guess what?? One night with the baby and my brother-in-law told me sis "please tell her (me) to come and stay with us over the weekend. We can't...." Guess where I am right now?? With my handsome little nephew!! My baby made sure I'm here with him. The first night with his parents he turned... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary rant.

I feel like im just going to have a horrible meltdown any moment. Im working at client from hell these days... it is actual hell. Broken chairs, borken floor, ac and fans not working properly. You cant lean back your seat will fall over. My back literally hurts. My baby sis is having a baby... Continue Reading →

A sad sad ghost…

Update I called her without thinking much ( as suggested by some of you guys, i just love you people) She is doing better, was going to see her friends. She herself started talking about how she was struggling and i listened and then i was talking and we both were talking about whats going... Continue Reading →

Eid Mubarak!

Ok so today is the first day of Eid (we have 3) Last night I and my brother were like… yayyyy tomorrow onwards we will eat whatever whenever wherever we want. So that’s what we have been doing so far. Making uncountable trips to the kitchen just to eat something. We had a very unplanned... Continue Reading →

Pushing through

One more day to go then we will have Eid holidays.  6 days straight yayyyyy!!! That’s literally my total motivation to keep breathing today. I took a cab today to get home which was like a treat from me, to me, because I didn’t even have the energy to walk like 10 to 15 minutes... Continue Reading →

Chasing Butterflies

This post is going to be absolute randomness. Since I’m occupied with ... just adult life things, I might end up squeezing bits of what could be 20 different posts. Starting with mental health awareness reblogs. Last 1 and a half months, I requested our blog friends who are mental health warriors and have added... Continue Reading →

Moment of calm, in chaos…

Hello wonderful people! I don’t know if anybody told you before, that you are the most amazing crowd on the whole planet. Last 2 weeks have been hard.  A.  I had tons of work, and it was all ok, I paced myself well until A2 wrecked the plans (which never existed in the first place)... Continue Reading →

Life’s Good 🙂

Important day tomorrow…kinda Tomorrow will be 1 month since I joined the firm. And coincidently tomorrow I will get my id and appointment letter.  In one month I already have worked or still working on 6 clients! I didn’t realize it’s a big number until the guy who’s given the task to supervise me (let’s... Continue Reading →

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