Crying Hangover

Have you over woken up to swollen face and eyes so puffed up you can’t open them and you stay in bed for few hours remembering ..what was I on yesterday? And then you remember you spent every single minute of the day being a fking cloud! I don’t remember when I cried like this... Continue Reading →


Last few weeks have been so heavy i didn't know what to handle first. But one thing was center of all of it, my own centre of universe was shaking in front of my eyes. Even tho i had been talking to dad, thanks to my friends constantly reminding me, i couldn't know what was... Continue Reading →

Colours of Sky

Ever had that moment when you are inside your home and suddenly feel the colour of sky changing. The light peeking throught windows switched dramatically and I went out to see this... I was awestruck for few minutes. Felt a wave of warmth passing through my mind and I smile stretched on my face instantly.... Continue Reading →

Extremely Sad

I don't know how to begin this post. I don't know which loose end to grab this time. I'm visiting family (in Karachi, Pakistan) it was a very urgent trip. And then came rain..breaking record of 90 years. I don't know anyone who doesnt like rain, its one of the most romantic, calming most lively... Continue Reading →

Trashcan Theory

Long ago, in a reader's digest, I read about trashcan theory for anger management. Sometimes we have to deal with some people who have nothing good to say and they will hurt you with your word. It's a temporary but compulsory encounter. When they start with their bullshit, picture a trashcan on there face or... Continue Reading →

1337 Posts!!

WHAT!!! *rubs eyes* *sees floating stars* I am a psycho. It's confirmed. How did I even write that much? That's a crazy number for 3 and a half years. And the consistency! I don't remember one thing I stuck to for that long... not really proud tho. But, I believe, you always come back home.... Continue Reading →

Just life I guess

I'm leaving on a jet plane I swear it's  such a fking pain The explosion you heard was from my brain Why the fuck my life turns into a vicious hurricane..   Welcome to Instagram poetry. I need an uncertainty bonus from my life! I want to be paid for coping with this violent rollercoaster... Continue Reading →

Cherry Crumble

Written last night: I will never forget my first encounter with crumbles. It was a Christmas time and I was having dinner at a small humble retaurant. The set up was simple and not huge variety but food was so fking good I remember going taz over few dishes. Taz.. Moving on. There cherry crumble... Continue Reading →

On the Foot of the Hill.

Human body is complicated. We survive alot more than we thing we can.But if our system is rattled once, we have permanent damages that just sit silently below the surface, waiting for a trigger, mostly any kind of stress.By any kind i mean physical emotional or mental or a brutal concontion of all of them.Emotionally... Continue Reading →

Brain Train

Aaaaaaa!!! I'm dying.. Those were the last words of my muscles. I finally put back half of the stuff in the kitchen and pest control guy did a terrible job that I can see and I'm definitely going to complain tomorrow. So today I was literally standing in my kitchen all day. Moving stuff and... Continue Reading →

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