Bored in transition..

When your life has been constantly riddled with fears for years, you forget what being safe feels like. It’s like when the first blast of fresh air hits you when you come out of confines of a small musty cave. Or when somebody opens window of a dark room and you feel like sun concentrated... Continue Reading →

hi 🙂

Hey all! Just dropped by to say something Life has suddenly gotten EXTREMELY busy for reasons I might talk about later, depending on circumstances. But right now my plate is cracking under the an Everest. But I’m fine. Absolutely fine. I’m actually happy in my heart. I haven’t been active here for few days or... Continue Reading →

Proud of Myself

I have been wanting to have a fresh baby pineapple for a while now but the eyes was so hard to take out. Then I randomly came across somebody peeling a baby pineapple on instagram and I thought... I think I can do this. And I did! Look at this cute little juicy pineapple. This... Continue Reading →

We lost Nana Abbu

My Nana Abbu (maternal grandfather) passed away last night. Thanks for your prayers, love and support. Always know that I love you all and appreciate your presence in my live and everything you do for me. I am in the middle of a lot of things right now and now this… I don’t know how... Continue Reading →

Whatever is happening

I have lived enough years (some pretty traumatizing) to tell when I'm slipping into depression. It's like stepping blinding into quicksand and next you have no control over anything at all. Thanks for all the love prayers and support you all sent my way for my grandfather. You all are the best people on the... Continue Reading →

Random Lane

The circus world has become can be overwhelming at times. When the chaos starts to challenge that fine and frail line between sanity and insanity, turn to a random lane. And dont even try to look back for some time. Keep walking this new path, absorb its energy and vibe and appreciate this chance you... Continue Reading →

Merch Ramble

Anyone tried to get into amazon merch? It’s mind-melting. I could feel my mind oozing from my ears with cold condensation. Confusing??? Exactly that’s what it was! A little youtube research told me the most difficult part is the description where you try to prove how awesome you are in not more than 500 characters.... Continue Reading →

1 Peaceful Moment at a Time …

When people try to ruin your day in a hundred ways, because this is what they thrive on, try to find some ways to make it better. I went to Sam’s (bff) place yesterday, because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be close to someone who really cares about me. We had... Continue Reading →

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