Review by Jay Bleu (Review # 19)

When your very good friend and an effortlessly amazing poet himself leaves a review for your book, it's literally the sweetest thing. Sweetest, because I know how extremely busy he has been. Thank you Jay Bleu for taking time to read and review the book, your support means a lot to me. Friends standing by... Continue Reading →

Self-publishing Ramble

Goodness my days of wanting to throw my laptop at the wall has started I never could do it because..expensive and honestly this is my most precious possession. After marinating my manuscript with my barely blank stares, the engines started rolling today! Thank God I don’t do this for living. Yesterday I made a very... Continue Reading →

Back to Business

Let’s get back to business..because we are doing absolutely no business. Finally! found an opportunity to use that. Haven’t sold any book in 2 months (because of zero effort on my part) and my last royalty payment just bounced back to amazon like a stupid ping pong ball because of some issues with transfer wise... Continue Reading →

Swinging Sanity — Review by Caramel (Learner at love) (Review # 17)

This one left me speechless. I can never stop being grateful for support I get from here, but this is next level! Thank you Caramel! When I started my blog on WordPress two and a half years ago, I became fascinated by the many other bloggers who had sites full of amazing poetry, fiction... Continue Reading →

KDP..not again..

Update: Recieved it just now. I think they follow my blog 😉 ..................... Yesterday I have drafted the most perfectly comprehensive email to kdp support. "Dear KDP, WHERE THE EFFFFF IS MY MONEY? ANSWER ME!" I am so tempted to do it idk if I will. From the time I figured how to get your... Continue Reading →

Editing preps

Aaaaaaaaaaa.. finally end of the day.. End of my normal day and beginning of my creative day which technically is after midnight. guys, you will agree with me on this one. If by any chance we are too lazy, or just having a gloomy-for-no-reason day, next day your system goes in overdrive to compensate for... Continue Reading →

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