Swinging Sanity — Review by Caramel (Learner at love) (Review # 17)

This one left me speechless. I can never stop being grateful for support I get from here, but this is next level! Thank you Caramel! https://read.amazon.com/kp/card?preview=inline&linkCode=kpd&ref_=k4w_oembed_FsLMI2VkDzb3MX&asin=B07P2SLSP5&tag=kpembed-20 When I started my blog on WordPress two and a half years ago, I became fascinated by the many other bloggers who had sites full of amazing poetry, fiction... Continue Reading →

KDP..not again..

Update: Recieved it just now. I think they follow my blog 😉 ..................... Yesterday I have drafted the most perfectly comprehensive email to kdp support. "Dear KDP, WHERE THE EFFFFF IS MY MONEY? ANSWER ME!" I am so tempted to do it idk if I will. From the time I figured how to get your... Continue Reading →

Editing preps

Aaaaaaaaaaa.. finally end of the day.. End of my normal day and beginning of my creative day which technically is after midnight. guys, you will agree with me on this one. If by any chance we are too lazy, or just having a gloomy-for-no-reason day, next day your system goes in overdrive to compensate for... Continue Reading →

Motivation and all..

We all have our own precess, our own formula of to approach a task and accomplish it.Self-publishing, if you are serious about it is a daunting one-man show. Especially if you do everything by yourself.I have a checklist, everything is like a milestone in a marathon.But you need to envision the finishing line.If you don't... Continue Reading →

A Friend Like Her

Weird things happen after midnight in my life. I met a friend here like 2 years back. She very randomly reached out when I was going through a lot. My mom's loss was fresh and my dad wasn't able to deal with it. Devastated is a very small word for my state at that point.... Continue Reading →

30 Free Book Promotion Websites.

Attention Indie Authors, I scheduled free book promo (ebook giveaway) between 17th to 20th June 2020. This time, I didn’t promote it here much just added a line to inform in the footer of my regular posts, or on any other social media platform. I rather focussed on websites. Here, I am sharing with you... Continue Reading →

Got my first royalties!!

I was wondering when was the last time I was actually happy? when was the last time I shed tears of joy? (even though it's not been very long, but in times like these we tend to forget good times) And then few hours later I got my first royalties of my first book! After... Continue Reading →

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