My friends book…(Reblog)

There are days when you feel like giving up on your ideas and dreams, just because it’s not easy to give them life.

But then there are words that lift you up. and you think, “ok it’s hard but it’s worth the shot”

Thanks a lot to Christine for being one of the pillars holding my motivation here.

Love ya xx


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Image by N. F. Mirza from her book.

I don’t do reviews…

But (you know one was coming). I just sat down to read ” Swinging Sanity” a book of poetry by my friend N. F. Mirza, who I know as ‘stoneronarollercoaster’ at WordPress.

I’ve known her for a while and found out she was a writer and now a published poet. Her book is a small volume. But it’s full to bursting with poetry full of emotion. As she moves through life, using it to discover her mental health and wellbeing.

The poems are forceful, I’m no poetry critic, but I found them easy to read. Some of them touched raw nerves, and you can see her heart torn open in many of them. I particularly liked Ocean and I become one.

ISBN 9798618202992.

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