Sometimes I want to pick rocks and pelt myself Or bring down stars and scratch myself with its edges Sometimes I really wish sky would tear apart and suck my up Or earth would crack open and gulp me down Some days I don’t want to exist Some days this seems like only thing that... Continue Reading →

A lot and Nothing

A lot has been going on and in the middle of chaos suddenly you stop and feel nothing at all. My baby sis got engaged 3 days back. I wasn’t there and it was so overwhelming for me I couldn’t even talk to her for 2 days. I did make short calls. I was afraid... Continue Reading →

Ghosting and Self-care??

We have started to normalize insensitivity at astounding speed.  A word is tossed into social media and watch it being used in the most unrelated context, to a point where it loses its meaning. Toxic and narcissism are two such words. Recently I read somewhere, “Ghosting is also a form of self-care”. My mind highlighted... Continue Reading →

Bottomless Pit of Online Shopping

At what point do you realize you are sickly addicted to something?? Happens to me when I start losing sleep over it. And you wouldn’t believe what is it this time! Well, it's in the title..Online window shopping! I’m sure there’s a better word for it which I'm not aware of. Life was okay, I... Continue Reading →


Im surprised i have lived 33 years on this planet without committing a single murder. That is flabbergasting! I accepted early on in life it's highly possible. Human stupidity can easily push you to the edge. Is that the reason behind my obsession with true crime shows?? I literally know almost every famous missing/murder case... Continue Reading →

3 years

Written on 20th Oct 2020 Trigger warning. I'm writing here about losing my mother, if you feel this can trigger you in anyway or upset you, please avoid reading this post. Today marks 3 years to the day  I was going home to be with Ammi (my mom) That was one of the hardest times... Continue Reading →

Prayers requested

Dad was rushed to ER today coz he had excruciating pain. It's his gall bladder. It hurt so bad he thought it's a heart attackBut he has a lot of other issues too, for which he is under treatment already.The scary part, this happened before his manic episode too.There's a whole chain of events/symptoms before... Continue Reading →

Moving on..

2 days back, late night, I saw my first 1-star and it hit me hard, but only for few minutes. I read it. Wrote a rant to post here but didn’t publish it, in case I want to get it removed, something I didn’t really want to do but was still an option to deal... Continue Reading →

Latenight realizations..

Before i drop dead let me just ramble a little.With my plate already turning into an everest of problems, my book is just sitting on the top like a queen of my miseries.Actually its not that bad but right now its the worst of what im trying to deal with.Im not sure about coverHavent even... Continue Reading →

Rambling away..

Friend: Can I come over? Me: Yea I have one big box left I will pack you in that. Came back to Dubai few days back and feels like I have been walking on my hands for days like I was possessed my the ghost of some demonic chef. Hunting for ingredients in 20 boxes... Continue Reading →

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