I don’t know how am I going to move on with my life. Minutes and days pass by and I feel time has stopped for me. And it’s painful. I’m living but not living completely without her. I desperately want to hold on to her voice in my mind and when it starts to fade... Continue Reading →

Beyond devastated

I just saw notification that it’s my blog’s 5th anniversary. But today is such a hard day. We lost C, one of my closest dearest friend who gets mentioned here too but I we both chose to reserve her identity. I got the news last night and it’s… I can’t even explain the painful emptiness... Continue Reading →

Negative Thoughts

How do you guys deal with negative thought related to people close to you? At this point in life I really need to focus on myself and things that need to be taken care of, but all i'm thinking about is people who were related to me in an unavoidable capacity and how they just... Continue Reading →

Grief and all…

Few days back my grandpa passed away (as most of you know from my last few posts) I have never been close to him but felt a little closer after my mom passed away. Given my history of freezing in the moment when I family member leaves, and then exploding with pain and trauma later,... Continue Reading →

Another day…

Ever read that quote? Once you hit rock bottom, only way you can go is up… That’s about my weight. And rock bottom was the day I was born, because it has never gone down ever since. Diets make me dizzy and workout makes me hulk-like, fat and hard. So I just let myself be.... Continue Reading →

It’s not them, it’s me..

If words has physical form it would be easier to see their impact when we toss them at each other. Some words heal you like magic. And some words destroy you like calamity. I’m going through an extremely sensitive and volatile phase of my life and thank God I realize that it’s me who is... Continue Reading →

Poem: “Autobiographile” – Text and Spoken Word – 24/07/20- Re-blog

This… gave me goosebumps.
Please listen to this poetry.

Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

“Autobiographile” audio

I have experienced this before and triumphed. 
I have ridden the tempestuous waves and reigned freely.
I have arisen from the waking dead and become full of life,
now an ability to see, to breathe.
I have lived, and I have learned,
and this is what I wish to be seen.

Personally, I’ve taken chances, I’ve danced around the point on many occasions,
I’ve felt exalted and indulged in certain forms of delectation, 
those which cut the edge, which sharpened minds,
but which drained a soul, caused a family’s divide. I am lucky to be unconditionally loved, I was always forgiven. No matter the paths I took, I sought, I willingly wandered down, because my curiosity definitely killed the cat and allowed certain truths to be explored and owned, I didn’t decide to perform such missions as a means of breaking others, it was simply my choice, selfish…

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To Me – Re-blog

Annette Rochelle Aben

Charli Mills challenged us to write about the old photograph. I chose to use one from my early years. Be sure to connect with Charli and her remarkable 99-word flash fiction challenges every week!  Carrot Ranch

Chubby, little legs held her up to the table where her parents had placed the birthday items. Such a display of love and affection. Of course, as she was new to all of this celebration, there was nothing in her mind to understand all the joy and excitement.

Flash forward more than sixty years. Tears now fill the eyes of the senior citizen looking at the old photograph. Knowing now, that her parents had little or no money, but they still managed to make that birthday special. Knowing now, what beautiful gifts birthdays have been. She makes a wish.

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

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