Story time: 2nd Jab done!

I got 2nd jab of covid vaccine today (sinopharm one) and haven't dared to crawl out of bed since I got home. Please take this post as a pinch of salt this is a bit complicated and most of it could have nothing to do with the virus or vaccine. My first jab went great.... Continue Reading →


you can totally skip this post. i just had to let it out of my system. I wrote a very long version of this post and then realized it would be torture for you guys so I will do a shorter version right now. Might post torturous one later. For at least a year i... Continue Reading →

4:30 am ramble

At this time i cant tell if it's corona or post workout body pain. 70% of my body (shoulders down) feel like it's just return from a battle field. Im hurting in places i don't even know name of. 2 days!! Because mental health going down the gutter wasn't enough and there had to be... Continue Reading →

The Last Post? – Re-blog

Here, I’m sharing a post by Sue Vincent, a beautiful soul and one of the nicest people I have ever known.

The Silent Eye

This may be the final post that I get chance to write for the Silent Eye… that decision has been taken out of my hands. I spent much of last week in hospital, having, as many of you know, been diagnosed with incurable small cell lung cancer last September. It has been an interesting and informative journey on so many levels as familiar things have been stripped away and a gift of love left in its place… rather like the tooth fairy leaving something of real value in place of a discarded incisor.

First to go was the illusion of near-immortality that gets us through life, one way or another. We know there is a certain inevitability about life leading to death, but we tend not to apply it to ourselves until we are forced to pay attention. Dealing with the situation that made me sit up and listen meant…

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thanks and happy new year!

Just came to say thanks for your prayers. That is just so sweet. And please do remember me in prayer, it's not over and it's really hard to cope this time. Well. To cope i did what i do best, over-occupy myself to the point of insanity. If you think self publishing is easy, wait... Continue Reading →

Not okay..

Haven't been ok for last few days. Woke up with flashbacks and suicide ideations for 2 days.. its becoming a morning thing. Im just scared to sleep now, what if i wake up like that again. I made right calls at the right time. I'm not alone, don't worry. I'm safe i think. But i... Continue Reading →

No Time for Grudges

I just told my friend today . I think at this point I have no time for grudges.. Then I was like...wait... Rewind. How did i get here? I know the answer. I have pretty regular inflow of new problems. There's a reason word rollercoaster made its way to name of this blog. It's like... Continue Reading →


I used to have this category “gym chronicles” that I deleted today because it was the least used category for obvious reasons. When I open my home page I saw too many categories and important ones were getting lost. But when I read the 17 posts this category had, I couldn’t help smiling. The day... Continue Reading →

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