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It takes a second to fall into a ditch.  And can a decade to climb out of it.  And you don't even know how long it will take to clean the dirt and when are your scars going to heal.  I fell. Climbed out. Washed the dirt. And I think most of my scars are... Continue Reading →

Mental Breakdown – MHA Re-blog

I got goosebumps reading it, since we casually throw the term mental-breakdown way too often.

Labeled Disabled

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The term “mental breakdown” (or nervous breakdown) isn’t an official medical term; but it is often used to describe an acute emotional or psychological collapse. When an  individual has reached a point where they are severely and persistently distraught and are unable to function at a normal level. In extreme cases one can suffer from hallucinations or “catatonic posturing” where the individual is unable to move.

Generally speaking , a nervous breakdown can follow a long period of stress that hasn’t been dealt with appropriately.

What “mental breakdown” meant for me was a complete halt to everything I ever thought I had under control. I had been diagnosed years before with depression and anxiety disorders; but had learned to live with them under the care of my doctor.

I can’t recall a singular incident that I can mark as the moment of my breakdown. Three days after my mother passed…

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The Price of Privacy…

I’m having a little bit of inner conflict since I resumed my journey in the corporate world. Deep down I know the answer but I have that little fear of what if I am left out…. Let me explain. I have been away from the public eye for the last 5 to 6 years at... Continue Reading →

Pretty Leaf

Just came to share untouched picture of this pretty leaf i just took. Not perfect, but pretty. Looks like i will be stealing little moments from the day to appriciate it. While maddenning madness of life keeps making me mad.

Preparing for SSRI withdrawal. -MHA Re-blog

Mel shared her amazing daughter’s struggle with Sertraline (Zoloft).

I commend her for being such an amazing mother.


I have decided to write a documentation of the next phase of my daughters health and wellbeing plan. Withdrawal from sertraline. In preparation for this, over the last 6 months, I have researched, read and planned based on the advice and experience of those who have supported, gone or are going through withdrawal. I have done this by joining Facebook support groups. I have read some books and received advice from our bio medical naturopath and I have engaged a homeopath who is pharmaceutically trained. With the additional support of a great GP, we feel as supported and confident as we can to embark a journey which has potential for extreme side effects from withdrawal and no guaranteed positive outcome. But, as I was reminded the other day, we can never eliminate all risk, we can only prepare so much and then we have to stake the step. Just as…

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I’m an aunt again!!

My baby sis made me an aunt to a beautiful baby boy. He is born a bit early so very tiny (kinda a small frog, dont tell my sis), but very smart and funny lol. At one point he held both my thumbs like handles of a bike and stabalized/warmed himself because he was feeling... Continue Reading →

OMG- Happy crying 🥲

If I say I have been struggling the last few days or weeks you all are going to be like…OMG there she goes again… But this time it wasn’t a mental struggle it was more of physical strain. Normal people eat meals. I graze all day! Everybody around me knows I can’t eat 1 big... Continue Reading →

I’m Struggling

I haven't been feeling ok for the last few days and idk what to do about it. The thing is, I joined a firm  9 to 10 years back and then I had to quit (a decision that was imposed on me).  I did a lot of things in the middle but can’t call it... Continue Reading →

Stupidest Poem

Too many stories to tell And too little time I’m in overdrive Or I’m barely alive It took 2 cups of coffee To write a few words I don’t know what’s happening But I feel all right I might not be here a lot Life’s suddenly flying too fast I just came to tell you... Continue Reading →

Joy… (WIP)

When the good bad and ugly, all of it happens at once, you find yourself confused and agitated. My documentation was still in the middle and i got this job where i have to submit my documents. And there are too many problems. I wont even go into details of the whole clusterfuck. I think... Continue Reading →

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