Insomnia, my old friend…

So, I ran out of melatonin 4 days back..I counted! Turns out yours truly has been addicted to melatonin which she started to “fix” her sleep cycle. That brand is not available here, and with that started my inevitable metamorphosis to a zombie. I don’t know what sleeping when it’s dark outside feels like anymore... Continue Reading →

Human or Beast?

Silence can be tricky You can't tell if its healing you Or eating you inside If you are going to be hit by a storm Or you are lying numb in the eye of storm You are tired and surrendered Or you are too strong to care about chaos Are you walking toward destiny Or... Continue Reading →

Trust the Process.

Have been having really bad feeling all day. It was one of those days when you silently pray everything is ok with everyone, but you also don’t want to worry everyone by calling them and asking “hey I’m getting a bad feeling, you ok?” So, I tried to do something to divert myself and best... Continue Reading →

Oddly Calm

I wonder What fraction of zen state  is this. I have acne explosion on my face, it’s looking like 20 million pimples having a party on exactly half of the face, actually mask area. Then I got rejected by Amazon merch, surprise! It’s not the rejection, it’s the speed of the rejection. Like.. did you... Continue Reading →

Random Lane

The circus world has become can be overwhelming at times. When the chaos starts to challenge that fine and frail line between sanity and insanity, turn to a random lane. And dont even try to look back for some time. Keep walking this new path, absorb its energy and vibe and appreciate this chance you... Continue Reading →

Merch Ramble

Anyone tried to get into amazon merch? It’s mind-melting. I could feel my mind oozing from my ears with cold condensation. Confusing??? Exactly that’s what it was! A little youtube research told me the most difficult part is the description where you try to prove how awesome you are in not more than 500 characters.... Continue Reading →

1 Peaceful Moment at a Time …

When people try to ruin your day in a hundred ways, because this is what they thrive on, try to find some ways to make it better. I went to Sam’s (bff) place yesterday, because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be close to someone who really cares about me. We had... Continue Reading →

Another day…

Ever read that quote? Once you hit rock bottom, only way you can go is up… That’s about my weight. And rock bottom was the day I was born, because it has never gone down ever since. Diets make me dizzy and workout makes me hulk-like, fat and hard. So I just let myself be.... Continue Reading →

You Deserve to be Happy

You know whats the worst part of being in an abusive relationship?? You start to question and blame yourself. Because they manipulate you into thinking that no matter how horrible their behaviour is, they are the best you could ever get. And the society keeps reminding you world out there is worse. So you just... Continue Reading →

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