Last few weeks have been so heavy i didn't know what to handle first. But one thing was center of all of it, my own centre of universe was shaking in front of my eyes. Even tho i had been talking to dad, thanks to my friends constantly reminding me, i couldn't know what was... Continue Reading →

Murky Skies #poetry

I see darknessWith eyes wide openIn broad day lightHas the sun stopped shining?Or stars have diedTo ashes as greyAs dead eyesLike wounded smilesAnd withering memoriesFew moments of joySwallowed by liesOr just like forgotten soulsWho faded from our livesOnce they ascendedTo murky skiesOr specs of kindnessThat flew around like stardustBut the wrath of fateTorched those poor... Continue Reading →


Updates are meant to make your life simpler..on Mars! Because on plannet earth that has never happened! Wtf is going on guys? How are you all dealing with new block editor? And unfortunately its default editor now so i didn't chose this horror for me. With 20 million problems, and me barely managing my blog... Continue Reading →

1 day at a time..

Idk why im crying writing this.Sometimes you are not able to winOr to free youselfOr to fix a situationOr fix yourselfOr fix anyoneBut the day is over and you are alive.You made it out alive no matter how damaged you areAnd sometimes that's enough to give you hope.That if you can survive this day.You can... Continue Reading →

Precious Moments

Remember 6 months back I was blessed with a brand new niece.Yea..She just turned six months old. It was her half birthday.I can't believe how fast she grew up.Just yesterday she felt like a frog or full chicken in my hands.And now suddenly she is this cute whiny manipulative little cat, who can't calm down.Either... Continue Reading →

A Sneak Peek of Swinging Sanity

I have been thinking about doing something to give you guys an idea of what to expect inside the book swinging sanity. I saw book trailers, which honestly were like movie trailers. That I don't think I can manage. Then I came up with something. Swinging sanity has 5 chapters with 7 poems each. Each... Continue Reading →

Late-night ramble.

Chaos chaos too much chaos.I hope this melatonin works tonight or i wont be walking on my own legs. Dont ask what's the connections between legs and sleep i have hit extreme levels of being busy and exhausted.I can totally beat a bee at being busy. Thats how crazy it is.Everyone was waiting for me... Continue Reading →

Eye of storm #poetry

Found this incomplete poem in my notes when I was looking for a letter I keep updating and never plan to send. Well. It was written in july and I have no idea where it was meant to go. Might or might not conplete it later.. When the world Whipped in bewilderment Cold wind stirring... Continue Reading →

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