Eid Mubarak!

Ok so today is the first day of Eid (we have 3) Last night I and my brother were like… yayyyy tomorrow onwards we will eat whatever whenever wherever we want. So that’s what we have been doing so far. Making uncountable trips to the kitchen just to eat something. We had a very unplanned... Continue Reading →

OMG- Happy crying 🥲

If I say I have been struggling the last few days or weeks you all are going to be like…OMG there she goes again… But this time it wasn’t a mental struggle it was more of physical strain. Normal people eat meals. I graze all day! Everybody around me knows I can’t eat 1 big... Continue Reading →

Flowers within a flower – FOTD

I didn’t know it could do that. I saw 2 little flowers (at least that’s what they look like) within one flower, in one of the plants we have. They always looked like yellow dots I thought its a pollen kinda thing.  Hence the picture for you all…also happens to be the last picture of... Continue Reading →

Pushing through

One more day to go then we will have Eid holidays.  6 days straight yayyyyy!!! That’s literally my total motivation to keep breathing today. I took a cab today to get home which was like a treat from me, to me, because I didn’t even have the energy to walk like 10 to 15 minutes... Continue Reading →

Sharing Good Vibes – FOTD

While I’m on the nth version of adult life, stealing little random moments to appreciate nature, sort of pushes the bar towards sanity. Sharing these pretty flowers for some good vibes. Have a nice Sunday. Written for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD) … .. Copyright © 2022 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly... Continue Reading →

Chasing Butterflies

This post is going to be absolute randomness. Since I’m occupied with ... just adult life things, I might end up squeezing bits of what could be 20 different posts. Starting with mental health awareness reblogs. Last 1 and a half months, I requested our blog friends who are mental health warriors and have added... Continue Reading →

Hypomania: Bipolar Rollercoaster- MHA Reblogs

On December 14, 2021, author of the blog Looking for the Light wrote:

When you have Bipolar Disorder it’s not just up or down, there’s an in-between, it’s called Hypomania. Of all the states of Bipolar Disorder, this is one of the most dangerous because you don’t see it and if you do, you don’t want it to end.

Photo by Dana Cetojevic on Pexels.com

I experienced Hypomania for 10 years, some of the best years of my life and after the fall, some of the worst years of my life.

My career was at an all-time high, I was an Executive Salesperson, number one in the company, winning award after award and making a very comfortable living.

When you have Bipolar Disorder, hypomania can make almost anything possible. I went to Russia by myself, traveled to France, around the United States, and the Caribbean with my friends.

My doctor kept telling me the higher you go the harder you fall. I didn’t…

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The Storm — Identity- MHA Re-blog

As the rain pounds on the sidewalk like a drum the trees quiver and sway in the cold wind. The clouds suck all of the light from the sky and cloak the world in darkness. Fog makes it impossible to see more than six feet ahead. Lightening illuminates the sky in electric blue flashes, followed…The Storm... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Hope…

Remember hope?? This is what it looks like now... For people who don’t remember (or don’t know), when I moved here, I wanted to plant something, so that I can see something grow in front of me, like...new me, new life, new plants etc etc. And as always my first options are herbs, mint being... Continue Reading →

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