Sylvia Plath – Portrait Art

I have always wanted to paint Sylvia Plath. It was one of my dream artistic endeavors.I dreamt of having a wall of my artwork, which are mostly expressionist portraits of women. In that dream Sylvia had to be queen of that wall.I started it on a whim. After 2 days and 2 centuries of patience,... Continue Reading →

Ghosting and Self-care??

We have started to normalize insensitivity at astounding speed.  A word is tossed into social media and watch it being used in the most unrelated context, to a point where it loses its meaning. Toxic and narcissism are two such words. Recently I read somewhere, “Ghosting is also a form of self-care”. My mind highlighted... Continue Reading →

Pastels – Portrait Art

I don’t know where to begin, the background story behind this one is size of infinite jest! And I’m tired, as always. So. I took this picture of my living room few days back and loved the color theme going on here. After that I googled portraits for reference and found one. Now here’s a... Continue Reading →

Bottomless Pit of Online Shopping

At what point do you realize you are sickly addicted to something?? Happens to me when I start losing sleep over it. And you wouldn’t believe what is it this time! Well, it's in the title..Online window shopping! I’m sure there’s a better word for it which I'm not aware of. Life was okay, I... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles #can’tremember

This year has been self-destructive when it comes to health. Binging food or shows during social distancing era starting pushing the bulges and tires out. Well they were already out but last year I was better since I was walking a lot to get to work.  When you take your giggly body to gym finally,... Continue Reading →

Best bday present

The night before my birthday, Dad came home after 10 days from hospital. He was supposed to rest so i got to talk to him at around 11.30 pm on my birthday. Me: hello Dad: hello Me: happy birthdayyyy!! Dad: happy birthday???? Me: oh! I forgot it's MY birthday, not your birthday. Dad laughed I... Continue Reading →


I don't remember a dreamless day. The dreams we have with our eyes, mind and soul, all of them, wide open and free. Only thing shut, is our connection with reality. I think the more suppressed your reality is, the most valorous your dreams are. A secret anarchy within a person. I would always sit... Continue Reading →

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