thanks and happy new year!

Just came to say thanks for your prayers. That is just so sweet. And please do remember me in prayer, it's not over and it's really hard to cope this time. Well. To cope i did what i do best, over-occupy myself to the point of insanity. If you think self publishing is easy, wait... Continue Reading →

Not okay..

Haven't been ok for last few days. Woke up with flashbacks and suicide ideations for 2 days.. its becoming a morning thing. Im just scared to sleep now, what if i wake up like that again. I made right calls at the right time. I'm not alone, don't worry. I'm safe i think. But i... Continue Reading →


Omg.. lm overwhelmed with joy right now and I'm so so grateful. Today i got notification its my 4th blog anniversary!! If that didn't make me tear up the next thing definitely did. Do you guys know about saatchi art?? It's biggest (as far as i know) art selling website, with a massive audience. I never... Continue Reading →

4 Years!! Unfkingbelievable!

Just got this notification just now! I can't believe I have been occupying this space for 4 years! Thanks for all the love, support, encouragement, validation and every single view, visit, like, comment.. You guys made this place home for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

No Time for Grudges

I just told my friend today . I think at this point I have no time for grudges.. Then I was like...wait... Rewind. How did i get here? I know the answer. I have pretty regular inflow of new problems. There's a reason word rollercoaster made its way to name of this blog. It's like... Continue Reading →

Curious Case of Overdrive

Is it just me or anyone else is also suffering from this curious case of overdrive? 2020 is going to end soon, except if we God-forbid face another disaster that would made it feel like a whole year all over again.. So, maybe my mind is playing that shitty trick again where it keeps telling... Continue Reading →

Believe Their Despair

When someone says “I had no choice, I was helpless” I get it.  Because I know we all walk a journey to get to a certain point and some of the obstacles along the way are just not in our hands and there’s no way to deal with them. You can’t always fix people and... Continue Reading →


I used to have this category “gym chronicles” that I deleted today because it was the least used category for obvious reasons. When I open my home page I saw too many categories and important ones were getting lost. But when I read the 17 posts this category had, I couldn’t help smiling. The day... Continue Reading →

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