Roses, not tulips

Been strolling all day. Covered like 4 5 places and samsung health is happy about it. It says i walked 17,537 steps which is my highest record. Half of the day everything went great. But then that gray cloud of gloom was back. And started overshadowing everything. And the day ended with horrible melt-down in... Continue Reading →

Mosiac, Calligraphy and Hospitality

It's been few hours in Istanbul (sultan ahmet precisely) and it's been great so far. Pleasant weather, huge dogs, clingy cats and really welcoming people. Will share one experience in particular. There's this small coffee shop that's run by a couple. I randomly went there and once i stepped in it felt like i'm at... Continue Reading →

The Tragic Dichotomy

What next dawn brings, we can never know. It's hard to stay positive when your plans came crashing down. And it's hard to stay positive when things are going fine because good times always feel like a trade. Like we will be paying for all those moment of joys. When I'm standing at a point... Continue Reading →

Hating this!

I hate life. It’s the only rollercoaster I hate. One moment you think you and life is getting better . You go through some fatally stressful shit and have all sorts of attacks and feel semi-dead Then adrenaline kicks in and you go in insane overdrive, in this phase you are pretty much a pre-programed... Continue Reading →

Sad Rant

I was reading my book after a very long time today. 3 poems into it I went like…how fucked my life was? I could tell it came from the darkest place I have ever been. But then I was surprised I was there, and came out of it. And now I’m here, sometimes your own... Continue Reading →

O Darkness of the Night

O darkness of the night Why This world is so hollow Hearts so heavy Minds so light Form Tattered and torn Like a knackered rag doll Soul Flying stray in the sky Like an unmoored kite Tales Blatant lies of glory Everyone's veiling their plight Pain A constant bane Still, I guess I’m all right... Continue Reading →

Just Art

There’s nothing more satisfying than leaving an artwork to a point where you are somewhat willing to leave it. I don’t want to use the word complete with it because it’s very hard to look at your art that way. I can’t call them complete. Or I can’t say I’m satisfied with the work. But... Continue Reading →

You Are Beautiful!

Recently I heard 2 incidents, that made me wonder how come in the history of my 1000+ posts I never talked about body positivity exclusively. I Will talk about incident No.1 today. There’s a really really pretty, tall, slim super-mode-type girl who is a friends friend. Let’s call her A (solely because A is first... Continue Reading →

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