Artwork in progress

Kinda struggling these days. So, just felt like sharing this artwork I'm currently working on. yea, that's how i trace sometimes. Let's see where this one goes.. … .. Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their... Continue Reading →


Another pebble hurled at her So casually Like they toss pebbles In a pond And watch ripples blooming Just for amusement She catches it Tucks it in her pocket And pulls her shawl Tight around her Like it was a metal armor With a heavier pocket Firmer swaddle And faster steps She hastens back home... Continue Reading →

On autopilot

Caught myself laughing, like actually shoulder-shaking-loud laughing under my mask today. By the time I noticed I have been like this for a few full minutes, I forgot what was the reason. And then I wasn’t laughing anymore because I was a tad terrified. Pandemic has turned us into low-key Arthur from joker. Or maybe... Continue Reading →

Be the Person You Idealize

Few days back, I was having random conversation with my friend C  and somewhere in the middle she said “ My opinion, is the only opinion that should matter to me” and “ The only person I should try to impress, should be me, myself” These are the strongest, most impactful words I have heard... Continue Reading →

Pulling an all-nighter

Pulling an all-nighter because desperate times call for desperate measures. It seems like I am stuck on selection process of poems for at least a decade. No matter how many of them I delete I always end up with a lot more than the final count. I’m trying to pick best of the best pieces... Continue Reading →

When will it get easier?

My post-vaccine era of absolute joy is over. The glorious days when my head didn’t have other worries and I was focused on art and writing, came to a sudden halt throwing me off the vehicle straight through wind shield. This reminds me of hitman’s body guard scene.. watch it people, watch it! Well Back... Continue Reading →

Review by Jay Bleu (Review # 19)

When your very good friend and an effortlessly amazing poet himself leaves a review for your book, it's literally the sweetest thing. Sweetest, because I know how extremely busy he has been. Thank you Jay Bleu for taking time to read and review the book, your support means a lot to me. Friends standing by... Continue Reading →

Self-publishing Ramble

Goodness my days of wanting to throw my laptop at the wall has started I never could do it because..expensive and honestly this is my most precious possession. After marinating my manuscript with my barely blank stares, the engines started rolling today! Thank God I don’t do this for living. Yesterday I made a very... Continue Reading →

Whiny People Problems

How did we survive these 2 3 days without an avalanche of whiny-people-problems. I can’t contain myself anymore so here we go! Breakfast atrocity Today I ordered breakfast. Don’t ask me why because idk the answer. I saw the cheapest available waffles and ordered them ..BIG MISTAKE!! I don’t say anything bad to food but... Continue Reading →

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