My Miraculous Life

Miraculous...hmm The amount of sugar I consume everyday and still dodge the diabetes bullet is actually, incredibly unbelievably MIRACULOUS!!! My reports are here..and Thank God I am not diabetic and I don’t have osteoporosis, 2 things I was worried about. I do have some iron issues so 1 more supplement is added to the list..... Continue Reading →

Need Help with Expressing Misery

Somebody needs to teach me how to show anguish. I am definitely doing it wrong…since forever! It’s been more than 3 years since I have been battling an autoimmune condition that damaged me in ways more than I could ever imagine. But there was this problem. Whenever I met people I was just my idiot... Continue Reading →


Ladies and gentlemen! here comes an avalanche of rants and life lessons of a soon-to-be-30 woman. Brace yourselves. You have been warned (read this in Liam Neeson’s voice) The rest you can read in your original voice. I will load and shoot. I am in no mood of making any amends for anybody’s preferences today,... Continue Reading →

Story of My LIFE!

Taper Ahhahah This is so painfully funny!! I read it and I went like….story of my life!!! Well Guys as you all might know by now I have autoimmune so the medication used to treat me were immune-suppressants like imuran (azathioprine), cellcept (mycophenolat) and….. ….you guessed it already right??? THE DEVILS TIC TACS! Aka prednosone/prednisolone/gupisone... Continue Reading →

My Cranky Sinuses!

It was 8.30 am. I was at a hospital for my first radiotherapy session. As it had to be done on my eyelid, my face had to be screwed to the bed with a plastic mask so they don’t miss the exact point. A group of insanely pretty radiographers were standing by my side flashing... Continue Reading →

Helplessness that lead to Rejuvenation.

The journey we take to reach adulthood pretty much takes away our innocent smile, our carefree attitude, our stupid mistakes, our sharp wit, that ever-flickering spark of madness from us. The courage we had when we used to fall down, get up, dust ourselves and start running again. Our craziest dreams which made us believe... Continue Reading →

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