Upgrade rant!

Four days back I upgraded from free plan to premium plan for $76.8, $6.4, on 20% flash sale. On average I get 150+ views on a new post per day. I’m doing 2 posts a day, one is reposted from the previous day it’s like 2 bin system. But guess how much I earned on... Continue Reading →

My 3rd Blogoversary!

Hey Everyone! I got overwhelmed when I saw this notification? I saw it yesterday. And I got so anxious I forgot to share it with you all. Because my mind was running in rewind like an old movie slowing down at some crucial events of my life, that too in sepia. Reminds me of an... Continue Reading →

Vanilla Cookies!!

Yup! Thats what they are! So I announced so much across the globe about my plans to bake cookies, that i actually had to search for equipments and make a batch. I replaced flour with coconut flour, just because coconut flour was laying around (not really for health purpose as these babies have refined sugar..yea..... Continue Reading →

Girl, interrupted – Movie

Girl interrupted has been on the must-watch list for a very long time and last night I crossed this one finally. Since it was released in December 1999 and its 2019, and the whole image of mental health has shifted drastically since then, I watched it with a clean slate as a viewer rather than... Continue Reading →

Emptiness – take 4

It's my fourth attempt to fill this space with nothing but blankness. Not that I didn't have words. There are 3 horrendous and long but empty drafts. So I chose not to post. I have been having this feeling since weeks. I said having, not battling, not suffering, just having. I would do tons of... Continue Reading →

Fried Green Tomatoes – Movie

What stories can do to you is absolutely magical. Last night I watched Fried Green Tomatoes and thank God I had tissues in arm’s length. I cried my heart out and every time I cried it broadened my smile later. If you believe in power of stories this is your movie. If you believe in... Continue Reading →

Absolute Basics of Blogging

When we reached 2000 followers I thought I would do a post sharing whatever I learned over my one and half year journey in blogging. I hadn't even read a blog before I came up with one so everything I know I learned here only. Without further ado let's dive right in. First step First... Continue Reading →


Numbness It’s a glass bubble Nobody deserves to be trapped in You see people talking But you can’t hear them They can see you suffer But they cant help you You are holding your sanity tight But it keeps slipping away Like sand from your hands Like soul departing a body Leaving it gray Withered... Continue Reading →


I have been stuck in an emotional tornado lately and i actually started losing my grip on reality. It's hard to explain. Honestly at a point i thought i might have to leave this place. One moment i would go numb the next moment something would hit me like a bullet. Well..That's life for you..... Continue Reading →

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