The Fall by Albert Camus

Reading an absurdist can be challenging. When I started reading The Fall by Albert Camus, my thoughts were “this is the shortest book I have” "this is my 2nd book by Albert Camus, I wont regret it maybe..” And then I nose-dived straight into it. The book starts with a self-proclaimed "judge-penitent", Jean-Baptiste Clamence, narrating... Continue Reading →

Promote your book!

Hey Guys Yesterday I reblogged book announcement of a blog friend of ours and this gave me an idea. Why don't we use this space to promote your book! So this month.. that's the plan! This is going to be book promotion month yayyyy! So please drop the links to your book, it could be... Continue Reading →

Help!! Shelf is hungry!

My shelf is craving for books these days and i am on the hunt. So i thought why don't i get help from my fellow bloggers who  i assume are Commited readers too. I would really appreciate if you tell me your 3 to 5 favorite books in comments. The books can belong to any... Continue Reading →

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