Gym Chronicles # 6

Today the treadmill almost electrocuted me I am not making it up! There was so much static gathered on it I was scared to touch it throughout.. That brings another tiny problem. When my hands are free and I am treading and listening to music…you already guessed it right?? You know where it’s going..... Continue Reading →

Shrinking Memory Quota!

I saw Finite and my mind drifted to “infinite jest”. now where did I hear that??? The movie the end of a tour” awesome movie! That reminds me I had to write a review of this movie because I really liked it… That was my plan like gazillion months ago… when I hadn’t started exploring... Continue Reading →

The Angel

“It’s your turn.” Teacher looked at her with the kindest set of eyes she had ever seen. She got up in her seat, walked to the front and turned to face the class. Her heart was hammering violently in her chest. Her body lost the synchronization… half of it was trembling with fear and the... Continue Reading →

Crazy Childhood Memories

I have whole treasure trunk of crazy childhood memories in my head. I grew up in an apartment building. The project consisted of 250 units and it had a huge compound in the centre; we treated that as our play ground. The moment clock would hit 9 pm mark, all of us would start gathering... Continue Reading →

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