World Art Dubai. Part-1

Sam (my best friend) and I have always been artistic souls. She actually won artist of the year in school. So,  World Art Dubai aptly called "region's largest affordable retail art fair " was one event we couldn't miss. We actually blind-walked into the whole thing as we wanted the experience to blow our minds.... Continue Reading →

Worn Traditions #writephoto

I was standing on the verge of the same old worn steps that had endured merciless tradition for centuries. They were crafted by the feet of the women before me, pressured by the society, and the society before that and so on. They didn’t choose this path. There was always somebody holding the emotional whip... Continue Reading →

Forlorn Philosophies

Listen Obey Bow your head Kneel down Don't cry Not a single tear Why are you shaking Like a withered leaf Dont! No more sobbing Why are you crying You have everything Don’t you?? Tell us Or dont Just obey Smile Or dont Just obey And don’t you dare weep Like a pathetic fool You... Continue Reading →

How to Butcher Dreams?

Best way to butcher anybody’s dreams??? Tell them they are not possible.. Or they clash with the norms.. Dignify your tyranny with your sovereignty… Burry them in the diamond studded casket of culture.. Nail it with your honey-sweet lies.. Adorn it with casket spray of fresh peace lilies.. Prove enormity of your character yet again..... Continue Reading →

Terrified Fidgety Beast

And here comes my favorite word! Where were you all these months??? *shooting kisses all over* Being savage was my thing! I somehow learned to conceal it with age as it wasn’t socially acceptable in our society. I was a weird unkempt un-groomed socially awkward girl with zero tolerance for bullshit whatsoever. I could kill... Continue Reading →

Why bother the storks??

I over-heard two random strangers talking at the boarding lounge of an airport. One of them must be in her 50s or 60s, let’s name her Lady-1 and the other one in her late 20s or early 30s, Lady-2. Lady-1:  How long have you been married?? Lady-2:  Three years Lady-1:  Any kids?? Lady-2:  No kids... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk it out..

We were having our routine late night philosophical session and I was pissed. I asked “Is it really that difficult to ask if you want to know something or say what you want to say?? Why don’t people just ask directly??? What could go wrong?? They would get an answer!! They would get a closure?... Continue Reading →

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