Socially Awkward

Social anxiety/awkwardness can be hilarious at times if you look at yourself as a stranger. Well. I am generally socially awkward..and occasionally I get terrible social anxiety. Simply put I am not good at peopling. So last night I was at a friend’s place. The one I call unicorn. An amazing friend and shoulder to... Continue Reading →

Nothingness #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

And then There is this one huge void Terrifying blank space No sound No light No air No movement The sense of nothingness That creeps in And occupies you You can't feel anything You are not Permitted to cry You can't smile Can't scream Can't breathe.. Niether you are alive Nor you are dead Your... Continue Reading →

Just a Portrait – Charcoal

I had one blank (tinted with charcoal) page on my sketchbook and it was bothering me. I am a little hyper today. So thought before this energy start Depleting i better do something about that page. So.. So... Tada... How's it?? I took the idea from google images so i wont take credit for that.... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 8

I was supposed to write a poem with L today..but i couldn't Let me explain the reason behind my absence today. I really really want to get in shape asap and and my gym gives me some Glimmer of hope. Biggest problem area at the moment is belly. I heard planks do wonders...i tried yesterday..lets... Continue Reading →

Hapless #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

One word "Headstrong" Slashed my soul Tore it apart When said by friend Who knew me Back in the day When winds were pleasant Scars sat Only on surface Like raindrops On waxy leaves When smiles Weren't drapes Veiling the agony When I imagined myself As a flame-throwing dragon Not a nervous chicken I can’t... Continue Reading →

Exhausted #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

Sanity in shredder My strenght broken I am deeply scarred By cruel taunts unspoken Curledup in a corner Wrapped in blanket Waiting for tremors to fade I am a little shaken Darkness consuming my mind Silence crawling under my skin Too exhausted to react I lay here frozen The jury decided in my favour But... Continue Reading →

Aggression #NaPoWriMo 2018 #AtoZChallenge

The menacing lion pacing in his cell Whipping the stale air Huffing in rage Eyes set on flames Scratches the Dormant walls in vain Leaving marks of his torment On his eternal confinement He lurches to the iron bars With immense force Anticipating some reaction from the audience That stood at a distance Enjoying the... Continue Reading →

My little heart #NaPoWriMo 2018

My little heart Is still shaking It's funny How stupidly terrified It's looking I smile at it It stares at me With its bright beady eyes Lying in its crib Confined Away from Toxic world Still trembling.. I let out a laugh I'm sorry couldn't help It rolls its eyes And looks annoyed To calm... Continue Reading →


I wish, Life came with warnings Like.. After how long Your smile will turn into tears How badly You need to be hurt To be shattered completely Beyond any chance of repair Or how long will it take For you to recover If that's even possible If you even care Or some critetia To judge... Continue Reading →


Betrayed? WordPress! This is bad. This word will only bring bad memories of deceit. 2nd cup of coffee with in 3 4 hours when its almost summers already...something isn't right in my head. Actually I'm still in inertia. I had to talk to dad and i was scared because we all are still mentally emotionally... Continue Reading →

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