Mental Health Awareness Mission

When you set out on a journey to raise awareness you start looking for people fighting mental illnesses ... like this.... and then they come running to help you like this... (I know they look like running away but imagine they are running towards you) and suport and encourage you like this.. it's so overwhelming..I... Continue Reading →


I wish, Life came with warnings Like.. After how long Your smile will turn into tears How badly You need to be hurt To be shattered completely Beyond any chance of repair Or how long will it take For you to recover If that's even possible If you even care Or some critetia To judge... Continue Reading →

Nothing is Mild

Mild is just old harsh that we got attuned to. Be it agony or euphoria…everything gets normalized with time and consistency. One sentence “this shall too pass” is the strongest remedy I have heard so far, and the biggest injustice we can ever do to ourselves. You know what it actually means?? This means let... Continue Reading →

Silence – Soft Pastels

Today I started new experiment, I had drawn a rough sketch for a long time back. But as always, I ended up with something entirely different . And it was a very different feeling this time. I don't even know how to explain it. I felt silence. It wasn’t scary. Nothing close to serenity either.... Continue Reading →

Illuminate and Look Around

Do you know your true Calling?? Could you hear your final destiny echoing in valleys of dreams? 5 years back I was an IT auditor in a Big4 firm. At that moment in time I thought this is it! This is what I was born to be. It’s perfect. And Bam!!! Life happened. What happened in... Continue Reading →

Solace in Confinement

She sat hugging herself In decaying wooden closet. Her eyes Her lifeless brown eyes Scouring the darkness, Blankly A thin streak of light Peeking from the slightly opened door Invading her solitude Ran over her Dividing her She rested her head back Clutched her knees tighter And closed her eyes In surreal surrender And exhaled... Continue Reading →

Blending Bliss – Soft Pastels

Yesterday I started another experiment to shrug off negativity the little devils keep whispering in my ears, instilling all sorts of insecurities. This is where we left it yesterday ( A Pleasant Day)… Today I got up and in between doing breakfast taped the sheet on the window again and pulled out a few soft... Continue Reading →

Never-ending Tyranny

Inadequate, weak, always insufficient…meager Its been 28 minutes, in this 28 minutes i have written and deleted a poem…it was too Meager to convey the emotions boiling deep down. This is what today’s coffee said… What a huge over-rated lie! Do you think you can really solve something over a cup of coffee or a... Continue Reading →

Just a Loony Talking..

Grab your cup of coffee guys we are going to be talking today.. I just saw somebody yawning, what the hell i haven't even started yet.. Well.. i will still talk.. So today was “the tests” day after a very long time. You know the day you give your all sorts of samples to keep... Continue Reading →

A Day in Grayscale..

I had my first ever meltdown in front of a doctor. After 3 years in treatment..after visiting more than 20 doctors..i broke down in front of my rheumatologist yesterday. I couldn't say much i just told her about my recent experiences (when i think i felt i might harm myself and then dosed off in... Continue Reading →

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