Swinging Sanity – Cover Reveal!!

Okay.. Let me hold back the heart attack for a moment.. I just finalized (well, almost) the cover of my poetry book, actually my first ever complete book! And I am impatient, needless to say. So... Ta-daaaa.. I designed this cover from scratch, the pastel painting is one of my favorite artwork done by me.... Continue Reading →

Marla mode on.

I did something weird. Well not precisely weird. But I was trying to up my poetry game a little. So I was hunting for fancy words and phrases in great literary works to find some expressions to add to my poems. And it turned out to be the most idiotic mistake so far. It was... Continue Reading →

Editing rant

Why nobody told me self-publishing is going to be THIS hard!! I mean I am still in editing phase and I am literally losing my mind and vision both. I didn't want to launch a book size of a freaking thesaurus and everyone has short attention span these days so I wanted it to be... Continue Reading →

New tool to embarrass yourself

So after I tortured my brain cells and their brain cells with writing non stop poetry we all are taking a break. By break I mean from writing new poems. Today I got myself into another challenge.. Resuming editing of my poetry book! Because, you know, peaceful life is too mainstream. Yup.. my brain cells... Continue Reading →

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