Families are Complicated #FOTD

Relationships are complicated sometimes you don't even know what you feel or what you want. From the surface, you can't see through all the layers. Especially with families, there's always a little bit of love milled in tons of hatred. And there exist underlying negative emotions that are invisible until provoked to swim to the... Continue Reading →

Apple of my eye.

Everytime my baby sister smiles, my heart fills with joy I can never measure.She is fairy lights in the dark cave my life feels like at time.She laughs all those tiny bulbs lit up at once and I just know life isn't that bad yet.There's hope, there's love, there's her smile to push me forward.True... Continue Reading →

Red Lipstick Effect

I pulled out my cosmetic bag from a rubble of random stuff that sat in a corner of our room. As this is room of a designing student, we have whole mountain range of random art supplies. That’s where I stacked my stuff too until flights resume. My bag had a layer of dust as... Continue Reading →

You broke me – bit by bit – Reblog

I always say families are complicated. A I must have heard it somewhere. but we all sweep the reality under the rug as it's our family.. Please read the piece with compassion very few of us find courage to speak about it..

Blinding screaming chaos!

I feel like a molecule bouncing here and there voilently. A lost confused molecule. I am crying and I am laughing. It's too much happening at once. When I saw the daily post leaving the hardest feeling that hit me was fear. Fear of loss. Something that has successfully crippling me throughout my life. Fear... Continue Reading →

World War III in siblings group..

Just an excerpt from Whatsapp siblings group… S1:   Decide name we don't have time. Me:  What are the options.. S1:  Airah, areej, Anaya.. anything with A. Me: Let me check more.. S1:  Meaning should be good Me: What about Adivah means pleasant S3:  Adiva sounds like Godiva Me: Whats wrong with that.. S2:  I... Continue Reading →

In conversation with Dad.

Me:    Salam daddu Dad:  Walaimumasaalaaaaaamm Me:   This tells me you are better..you have no idea how happy I am to know that.. Dad:  Ahahah..hows stoner Me:   Stoner is good having breakfast.. (it was like 12.30 pm but dad wasn’t surprised) Me:  Dad..do you know whats a drip coffee? Dad: Umm .. no.... Continue Reading →

Laughter Fit

My sister's phone was beeping crazy. When she finally sat down to check her phone i heard her scream Now it wasn't a normal scream..i am sure it traveled across half of the globe.. If you heard a shrill out of nowhere that was probably my sister. I was scared to asked her the reason... Continue Reading →


So I finally called dad after what felt like ages.. It must have been 15 days or so.. I got an alarming msg from my sis, she said dad wasn’t able to talk he didn’t sound well as he is seriously insomniac and hasn’t slept in 4 5 days, he just naps for few minutes... Continue Reading →

Cyber Bullying/Stalking/Harassment – 2

This post is in continuation of yesterday’s post. Need to talk – Cyber Bullying/Stalking (Edited) When I wrote and published its first part I didn’t allow comments initially. It was clear case of harassment, stalking, cyber-bullying but I was hesitant to use these words for myself. I was scared and embarrassed when I shouldn’t have... Continue Reading →

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