Shakespearean Window..#writephoto

She was returning from school. Her pace a cocktail of walking briskly, tip toeing, jogging and kicking random rocks, depending on her mood and magnitude of exhaustion. Her back hunched under the weight of abnormally heavy bag. She sometimes would look at donkey carts and shout, “there is no difference between me and you” followed... Continue Reading →

That Silent Moment..

When you grow up with somebody they pretty much know you by your voice and pace of the words and breaths. Your feelings don't depend on words. And i feel in such relationships you shouldn't try to explain. Words ruin the essence, the purity of your feelings telepathically traveling to them. I talked to such... Continue Reading →

There is something I learned second time in life, this very same year. And it’s important so I thought why not share it with you guys. We cannot imprison our heart. Sometimes letting it wander free is better that trying to chain it. When mom left, my brother had exam next day and he studied... Continue Reading →

Another avalanche

The maddening urge of dropping the mask pierce a needle through your heart You have to shut you rib cage and hold it in place Or you might explode into thousands shards Sometimes i feel like a cheat. Fraud. But what if your mask is a part of your skin. Stitched with painful experiences. Or... Continue Reading →

Something strange

There’s something strange about loss and grief. Please don’t get me wrong here. Bear with me. It will take time to sink in. And it’s a long post and it might get sad, so you can totally avoid it if you want to. Today my sister called and we both were discussing our plans how... Continue Reading →

Illusion of perfection

Illusion of perfection..A mirage.. How easy it is to call things perfect. Somebody’s life perfect. People perfect. The other day my friend said “I was perfect and look what happened to me” and all I could do was look at her dumbfounded, as she was in great distress already. But it was running in my... Continue Reading →

The small pebble

“When was the last time you heard mom’s voice??” I got the message from my sister who lives in another country. The question overthrew me. I had to hold a chair to keep my balance. I kept staring at the screen asking myself the same question. “I called dad but I could never talk to... Continue Reading →

Princess Beanie

Last winter I saw this cute black and plum hand knitted beanie on a facebook page, fell head over heels in love with it and ordered it instantly. I asked the girl when I should expect Delivery and she said in 15 days. Well.. those 15 days stretched like chewing gum… And that to a... Continue Reading →

Adorable Partnership

My sister is here today with her little monkeys. These incredibly smart little secret agents are Partners in crime. They defend each other. They gang up on almost everybody. I was talking to my sisters and my niece was sitting on the same bed, her eyes glued on her tab. We thought she is busy... Continue Reading →

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