Yellow Tulips. #FOTD #FOWC

I took this picture to write a review of the book “the plague”, but since I haven’t finished it yet, the review will have to wait Right now we are here for these fake yellow tulips. Every flower has a story, in fact everything has a story if you remember it. My mother used to... Continue Reading →

Inky Stillness

Last year Franz Kafka. Then German expressionism/ expressionism and Edward Munch. Now Edgar Allen Poe And these literary and artistic obsessions topped with cherry of incredible female killer documentaries.. Hmm..Where is this all going? I seriously wonder why police haven't knocked the door yet given the suspicious nature of my searches. Well. I am glad... Continue Reading →

Isle of Dogs- Movie Chatter

Remember the time when we would talk about books and movies here?? Eons ago we did! But then blog picked pace and a lot of things took a backseat. So yesterday I watched this animated movie “isle of dogs”, released in March, April 2018. It’s written, produced and directed by Wes Anderson, just like “The... Continue Reading →

Simple #FOWC

I just tossed "simple" out of the window. I saw the prompt and i started trying to embed it in anything and everything. Life..nope Relationships..not at all Me..from outside only (sometimes doubt that as well maybe weird/awkward fits better) from inside it's a like one of those veins network pictures you see on the internet.... Continue Reading →

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