Felt like talking..

One of those days when I just want to talk. And i have been talking non-stop past few days. it's insane Hate to admit at one point I had to take xanax. I just hate to admit and I dont recommend it at all its just that I was going out of control. It was... Continue Reading →

Too Courageous??

Wow! Well done WordPress! Just when I am cursing myself for being all too Courageous, you start scratching my wounds again! Wow…just wow!! well.. People. Lets talk! I m confused. Well I don’t know a day when I wasn’t So, I am one of those people who live on the opposite ends of resister. Either... Continue Reading →

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind..

Just finished watching “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”. Enchanting music! Can’t get over “almost lover” and “everybody’s gotta learn sometime” The story revolves around an impulsive lovely girl, a serious nice guy, a girl living her déjà vu, the head memory eraser, and human version of a puppy (Mark Ruffalo), later 3 being the... Continue Reading →

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