So I finally called dad after what felt like ages.. It must have been 15 days or so.. I got an alarming msg from my sis, she said dad wasn’t able to talk he didn’t sound well as he is seriously insomniac and hasn’t slept in 4 5 days, he just naps for few minutes... Continue Reading →

Fight Club

Well my insomnia made a block buster come back last night… Thanks to this guy-> Nitesh for tolerating my dopiness induced buffoonery. This reminded me of something I have been delaying since ions…that is to talk about “fight club”. I know we are breaking first two rules of the fight club, but we are going to talk... Continue Reading →

Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

Regardless of countless Disastrous effects of insomnia, there are tonnes of perks of the condition that a non-insomniac might never enjoy. My 1st apartment was on the 4th floor and there wasn’t any building blocking the view, it gave way to all kinds of artistry. My ceiling was a canvas... passing cars would cast an ever-shifting... Continue Reading →

The Blind Walk

I sat upright in my bed and turned to the edge on my right. My toes searched for the marbled floor and my feet made a successful landing. I got up and started walking in the maze in dark moonless night. My feet knew the exact direction and I was familiar with every nook and... Continue Reading →

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