Trauma, not Drama!

Your trauma, trauma. My trauma, drama? I read this somewhere and it hit the right spot so hard I had to finally write this long-awaited piece about victim-blaming. And here, and going to talk about most subtle form of it. We get into an accident, get physical mental and emotional impact. Then we deal with... Continue Reading →

Special thanks.

When you expose all your vulnerabilities to someone either they disappoint you to the point that it turns into biggest mistake of your life. Or they assure you and comfort you to the point where your weaknesses vaporize and vanish like they never existed and it breaks that hard shell of insecurities that caged you... Continue Reading →


I have been stuck in an emotional tornado lately and i actually started losing my grip on reality. It's hard to explain. Honestly at a point i thought i might have to leave this place. One moment i would go numb the next moment something would hit me like a bullet. Well..That's life for you..... Continue Reading →

Speechless (updated)

I am at a loss of words... My entire dictionary just got wiped out.. ................................. ok..update.. I was actually writing a post when this notification popped up and I couldn't write after that. It served as pause button. Baby stoner is 1 guys I had planned so many things to say on this occasion and... Continue Reading →

The Storyteller

Stories stories stories.. What if I tell you my friends called me “storyteller” when we were in 6th or 7th grade?? It’s the weirdest thing I have done and experienced. We would sit in a circle in lunch break and I would tell stories, chronicles of my own vivid but naive mind. A story would... Continue Reading →

Sharing the light

My Grandpa used to say, “whatever you give to this world will take a full round and return to you”.  I grew up to realize it was just another phony quote. Life wasn’t fair. Then I gradually learned it was actually true. The thing is we expect it to return from the same source/person. Like,... Continue Reading →

To survive another day..

All you need is..  - Food (well this is horrible example of food, but i only have picture of this) - A little bit of madness (yup! Had to. Or i would have died with anxiety) -And amazing friends... You guys and my 911 gang (wish i could show you idiotic selfie a member of... Continue Reading →

Sympathy?? No Thank You!

This is one of the words I hate… I detest! I can’t stand! This is one thing nobody wants when everybody voluntarily steps forward to gift it with the shiny ribbon on it…because it “looks” good. This is one thing we don’t need! Get your facts right! Yet this is strange…when we don’t get it... Continue Reading →

The Boomerang Kindness Is!

Somewhere juggling between success, culture and religion we are leaving behind the most essential element of human behavior…KINDNESS! It saddens me when I look at people who are so rigid about their traditions you won’t find a hint of suppleness in their tone when they talk about it. Do they realize what impression they are... Continue Reading →

Survival Kit Concept.

A friend of mine visited me and we were sitting in our art studio. Yup! We have a room that actually looks like an art studio as we keep all our art supplies in that room. It was never planned; it’s my ex-bedroom. Well. She came and she saw a pocket size set of dry... Continue Reading →

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