Miss you..

And then the shadow Of these slaty clouds Fell on my soul And it glowed amber Longing for you And the world around me Plunged in silent To hear your voice Your smile.. your laugh And my lids dropped shut To remember every detail Of your face, your eyes, your hair The mole on your... Continue Reading →

Barbed Wires

As I coiled Carefully These barbed wires Around me Preparing myself like a sadist For the inevitable tragedy I kept folding and wrapping Until, I couldn’t see my body And then I waited for the roaring doom To crash on me, ruthlessly The circle was closing in And it was impossible to flee I knew... Continue Reading →

I Set You Free..

Morning shone on my face Through the dark curtains I know it was day But I stayed still And squeezed my eyes shut I didn’t want to wake up From the enchanting illusion From a dream That was best of all the dreams It was you And me Singing Laughing Dancing Between the pillars Of... Continue Reading →

I Told You My Name..

When we were laughing Carelessly..ceaselessly On our random stupidities Between the giggles Playfully, I sneaked my name.. When it hit us And toppled our univervse Overwhelmed by epiphany Wishing to die in euphoria Slowly, I whispered my name.. When we were lost Bewildered by confessions Intimidated by the journey ahead In between puzzled question Secretly,... Continue Reading →

Love Happens..

Love happens without warning Just like an accident You don’t get a moment to process things It happens and conquers you Like there is nothing else in this world.. That matters! Like there’s nothing else in the world.. That exists! As if, a soul was created with you That is floating somewhere You instantly know... Continue Reading →

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