You broke me – bit by bit – Reblog

I always say families are complicated. A I must have heard it somewhere.
but we all sweep the reality under the rug as it’s our family..
Please read the piece with compassion very few of us find courage to speak about it..

Mama's Shadows

You were young, you wanted to become independent, you were innocent and inexperienced. Then you had me. The well-meaning but not always well-feeling influence of others on you was incredibly strong. This is where my life went wrong.

You didn’t protect me.

You didn’t accept me.

You didn’t even love me.

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There is something I learned second time in life, this very same year. And it’s important so I thought why not share it with you guys. We cannot imprison our heart. Sometimes letting it wander free is better that trying to chain it. When mom left, my brother had exam next day and he studied... Continue Reading →

Little White Sundress

Her desolate eyes looked at the birds outside the window, telling them a million stories. These little gray marbles still wore the shine that wasn’t lost to years of neglect. She was sitting on a small stool that barely contained her but I guess it was still better than lying in rubble. Sounds of my... Continue Reading →

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