Unsaid words..

People join our lives at random scattered occasion. There’s never a good time or a bad time. When they join us we ask ourselves why now? They leave behind a permanent Cavity when they depart. We keep peeping into it looking for answers. Which is pointless. Then we try to fill the cavity with debris..... Continue Reading →

Little burglar!

Few days back when I was with mom, I was supposed to stay awake at night. It was around 6 am in the morning I heard a knock on my window. Then it grew louder and it wouldn’t stop. Now the thing is we have plants outside that window and then there is a fence... Continue Reading →

Which one is a dream???

You are sleeping on the bed of roses The soft scent of damp petals untangling your nerves The gentle touch comforting you Drifting you to valleys never traveled You are sinking deep When a Ghoulish demon attacks you He blows and burns the roses with his pungent breath And charges towards you You freeze in stupor... Continue Reading →

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