Swinging Sanity – Cover Reveal!!

Okay.. Let me hold back the heart attack for a moment.. I just finalized (well, almost) the cover of my poetry book, actually my first ever complete book! And I am impatient, needless to say. So... Ta-daaaa.. I designed this cover from scratch, the pastel painting is one of my favorite artwork done by me.... Continue Reading →

Eyes brimming with dreams..

I wake up everyday And wrap myself in a thick black robe And start walking In the narrow chaotic streets Laced with splotchy noises With random heaps of stinking trash Sitting on the uneven ground I walk in my rugged leather sandals Only shoes that wouldn't mind Getting smeared with filth Getting hurt and misshapen... Continue Reading →

The Poet..

I was looking for inspiration for today’s post. So I resorted to Khalil Gibran and came across this… The means of reviving a language lie in the heart of the poet and upon his lips and between his fingers. The poet is mediator between creative power and the people. He is the wire that transmits... Continue Reading →

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