Melodic rain..

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Rain From Clear Blue Sky

I was shiver and shaking again Pelted by lies and deceit It was an uncontrollable fit My bones hurt I was falling apart Until finally The sleep embraced me Before my final collapse Somebody had to save me right? I woke up a stranger A new person A new world A new life A blank... Continue Reading →

Boy in Rain

He was running in divine rain of 5th grade summer vacation. That rain was the best gift anybody could have in those blazing summers. He was running aimlessly. Not away from something. Not towards a destiny. He was like some random nameless planet rotating in galaxy, ejected from its axis. A broad smile splitting his... Continue Reading →

Crossing the line between love and hate.

Rain has magical power to please everybody, until unless you are on your way back from a wedding…all dolled-up! Last night I went to an overcrowded wedding with my dad and brother. Me: I regret wearing my best shoes. Dad: People can’t see each other’s face you are worried about your shoes? My whole family... Continue Reading →

Dancing in Rain

Sky cannot stop crying today It seems to be smiling Drenching us in its tears of joy Creating an elated Magnetic field That pulls you in its embrace And constricts you.. And you gladly surrender to all its conspiracies Dancing in this field Mesmerized by its power To wash away all your fears Lost in... Continue Reading →

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