Comatose Pigeon

Nobody told me placing a donate button will be THIS hard!! Today was the third day and I almost gave up. Every minute of 3 days, I wrang my brain until I could sneeze out every possible scenario. Then testing the buttons. And simple payments, a widget you get with a premium plan! don't even... Continue Reading →

Sound Check – Pacing & Talking

It was supposed to be a video but I was pacing so fast I got dizzy watching it lol. …. Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved    Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join... Continue Reading →

Upgrade rant!

Four days back I upgraded from free plan to premium plan for $76.8, $6.4, on 20% flash sale. On average I get 150+ views on a new post per day. I’m doing 2 posts a day, one is reposted from the previous day it’s like 2 bin system. But guess how much I earned on... Continue Reading →

Another day

Another day. Another cup of crisp black coffee Another avalanche of problems. Guys. Hell broke loose at zoo! Shrilly monkey is wailing and crying, mental giraffe started stomping stirring a sand storm, and wise owl started fidgeting and circling in confusion. Simply put, my siblings are upset they can’t get access to my ebook, because... Continue Reading →

Sunday ramble!

I am just gonna ramble today. It's sunday. Even though it WAS sunday here 2 hours ago but I am still here munching and writing and watching forensic files. Well. So nothing about book or writing today. Because that gave me a mini heart attack in the morning only when I was happy crying at... Continue Reading →

Editing rant

Why nobody told me self-publishing is going to be THIS hard!! I mean I am still in editing phase and I am literally losing my mind and vision both. I didn't want to launch a book size of a freaking thesaurus and everyone has short attention span these days so I wanted it to be... Continue Reading →

Poetry rants

Grab your popcorns guys here comes another humongous avalanche of rants. So, since I was working on my poetry book and was getting all serious about publishing I have been researching on it. When you plan to self-publish your book it’s advisable that you reach out to your potential customers. Now I am not a... Continue Reading →

I miss myself..

Have you ever faced a mirror and still felt you are not looking at yourself. Because you have lost a huge part of you. Growing up this happens to all of us. We lose others and ourselves. We try to hold on to our life. Survive. But that somewhere means we keep moulding so that... Continue Reading →

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