Apple of my eye.

Everytime my baby sister smiles, my heart fills with joy I can never measure.She is fairy lights in the dark cave my life feels like at time.She laughs all those tiny bulbs lit up at once and I just know life isn't that bad yet.There's hope, there's love, there's her smile to push me forward.True... Continue Reading →

Laughter Fit

My sister's phone was beeping crazy. When she finally sat down to check her phone i heard her scream Now it wasn't a normal scream..i am sure it traveled across half of the globe.. If you heard a shrill out of nowhere that was probably my sister. I was scared to asked her the reason... Continue Reading →

How to kill a flying cockroach!

Blanket resonates with something that embraces you and protects you. Who knew it could be used as a weapon. Before you imagine me strangling somebody with a blanket let me explain please. One fine day I heard my sister shriek... “FLYINGGGGGG COCKROACHHHH!!!!!!!” .....and the day wasn’t fine anymore! Me:   What!!! Where?? Where?? Did you see... Continue Reading →

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