Blinding screaming chaos!

I feel like a molecule bouncing here and there voilently. A lost confused molecule. I am crying and I am laughing. It's too much happening at once. When I saw the daily post leaving the hardest feeling that hit me was fear. Fear of loss. Something that has successfully crippling me throughout my life. Fear... Continue Reading →

A Tightening Circle

Yesterday, I got a call from a friend of mine. She is a family friend actually and not a close friend. Few minutes into the conversation she said “I think I am falling into depression. And I am having anxiety.” Now. I am all too aware with these 2 word. My first thought was “nope.... Continue Reading →

Ask for help. (Suicide)

Life needs major amendments and up-gradations in our perspective every now and then. We can’t spend our entire life deceiving ourselves that we know what everyone is going through. Our opinions shouldn’t be set in stone. So 2 months back when Chester Bennington left, I wrote a post on Suicide. I request you all to... Continue Reading →

The Alarm went off!

I just ended a 4 hours long call. Yes, you read it right. The call lasted more than 4 hours. So my brain cells have given up on me. But as I haven’t broken my promise to write everyday (on blog) I thought let’s just get started and see where it goes. It was Unicorn... Continue Reading →


I urge you read this post in conjunction with another one on the same subject. Ask for help! (that i wrote 2 months later) I am so fucking miserable right now I can’t even explain A friend recommended me ‘13 reasons why’, the book, and I call her and said “what the fuck have I done to... Continue Reading →

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