Cyber Bullying/Stalking/Harassment – 2

This post is in continuation of yesterday’s post. Need to talk – Cyber Bullying/Stalking (Edited) When I wrote and published its first part I didn’t allow comments initially. It was clear case of harassment, stalking, cyber-bullying but I was hesitant to use these words for myself. I was scared and embarrassed when I shouldn’t have... Continue Reading →

In conversation with Sam

Yesterday I went to Sam’s place, my best friend of 20 years at least. When you are friends with someone for so long, the moment you enter home you go straight to the bedroom and lie down on her bed or go straight to the kitchen and start checking the pots and all. You both... Continue Reading →

Fear or Aggression?

As strange as this may sound.. That day was as normal as any day of my life. As normal as breathing oxygen drinking water... I reached the exam center 45 minutes early. No, I am not talking about reporting time. I was there 45 minutes before reporting time. I found an empty bench in the... Continue Reading →

Terrified Fidgety Beast

And here comes my favorite word! Where were you all these months??? *shooting kisses all over* Being savage was my thing! I somehow learned to conceal it with age as it wasn’t socially acceptable in our society. I was a weird unkempt un-groomed socially awkward girl with zero tolerance for bullshit whatsoever. I could kill... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem – Dead Poets Society

Just finished watching movie “Dead Poets Society” and I am truly madly deeply in love. The movie itself is poetry that starts flowing in your veins. You smile you cry you miss yourself. You start thinking about how many opportunities you have already missed and what can you seize today. This masterpiece shows how pressures... Continue Reading →

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