Classic wtf moment!

I was sore and unbelievably exhausted by cleaning and packing and since I am always eating something a tiny bit of food decided to claw its nails in the walls of my throat.

And that sent me into a violent fit of cough. Literally I was coughing like a horse.

And I dont know why that caused some wierd pain in the centre of my rib cage. This never happened before so i got a little worried but only for 5 minutes or so..

But pain didn’t completely subside.

It could be some muscle thing is it was hurting at certain angles.

But who would do all the work??

Next, don’t know what came over me and I decided I need to keep my guitar over the wardrobe.

It’s just standing in a corner for a year now why don’t I keep it in its box over the wardrobe..

My guitar is huge dreadnaugh. And I am small human. I kept it in its box climbed to the top of 4-step ladder then started lifting the box…

You know where it’s going..

Now imagine this …

Just when I have balance my own body and i am holding a rectangular box almost size of my own body carrying my precious possession just above my shoulder level..

suddenly i felt some food particle digging its claws in my throat… again..


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39 thoughts on “Classic wtf moment!

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  1. Coughing injuries are totally a thing. After having pneumonia I thought I’d broken a rib from coughing. It actually turned out to be pulled muscles between the ribs, but it’s not as if you could just not move the area to let it rest.

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    1. I don’t know honestly I can’t really notice anything right now. When I am lying down like at the point of leaning the body it suddenly hurts. Or when I am lifting of coughing.

      When I am standing or doing other work it doesn’t feel much. My friend suggesting i take green tea with honey and turmeric. It kind of helped.

      Lately green tea with turmeric is sort of helping me with overall body pain.

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  2. My wtf moment didn’t involve coughing, but I did get a little flustered between trying to clean up after my sick kid and her bedding then fill ice cube trays and I found myself carrying the ice trays to the laundry room instead of the freezer. Wtf indeed!

    Oh, and I, too, did have such a hacking cough I pulled a muscle and thought I broke a rib so it happens and it hurts like &*^%, being up high like that with a heavy item musta been terrifying. Glad you’re okay.

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    1. Hope your kid is okay now.
      Lol maybe somewhere in the middle your brain tricked you into believing you are going to supply water to the matching through ice trays.

      Yes it’s a winter thing I guess. Because I call my friend who doesnt know a bit medicine and all and she said oh you got that too .. so apparently other people are having this cough too..

      Yes it was shit scary the worst part was I was standing on the top step of the ladder. So scary.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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      1. Every great once in a while part of my brain will warn me: “um, I don’t think that’s a good idea” but then the other part say: “you got this!” And before I know it, BAM!!!🀣🀣🀣

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