What an insane ride!

Today was a crazy ride!

I am thrilled, so I won’t go into explaining a lot. Or I will never be able to end this post.

A coffee-less morning.

Terrible allergy and thunderous non-stop dry cough. Soup and humidifier (with tea tree oil) worked!

Then something terrible happened. A loved one of mine was doing something unfair to another (innocent) person. For a long time I found it hard to believe. Somewhere it breaks you when you see dark side of people, you have been considering a roll-model.

But then I did something. I spoke up. In a respectable and kind but firm manner. I told her she needs to think over and this doesn’t sound right. I don’t think it will make any difference in her decision but at least I tried.

I regret quite a few times when injustice happened right in front of my eyes and I didn’t do anything. At few instances I unintentionally became part of it. Those moments haunt me now.

When something bad happens to us we look around and wonder why nobody is stepping up for us, but how many times we step up for others??

Needless to say the whole thing left me in disbelief and helplessness.

But then came the surprises.

My mailing list hit a 100 members! 2 of them are my real life friends the rest of 98 are from WordPress. Thank you each one of you.

Given the fact that hardly 250 to 300 must have actually gotten that comment, this is an achievement, to me at least.

And then came the best part.

I made my first art related sale today.

The opportunity came completely out of the blue. I had complete freedom with my creative process and I can’t complain about what I got.

So, for the first artwork sold in any form the whole process was incredibly satisfying. I literally stood up in excitement and it’s just.. I don’t even know how to word it.

It’s euphoric!

In my darkest times (that haven’t left me completely) I tell my friends that God must have kept something for me too.

I am starting to believe in it more.

And since it’s Sylvia Plath’s death anniversary today, let me share a poem of hers in her own voice (i listen to those a lot). Her poetry in her voice is beautiful dark magic.


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45 thoughts on “What an insane ride!

Add yours

    1. Thanks a lot.
      Yes. That’s absolutely right. I love the way she wrote her darkest most painful experiences with bravery and remarkable clarity. You can see right through those lines. I wish she didn’t leave the way she did and not that early. But well…

      I am on it in one way or other 🙂

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  1. So many things I look back on and wish I would have said something, yet didn’t feel like it was my place. It’s such a delicate balance. Congrats (again) on your amazing achievements!


    1. I replied to this comment but no idea where that went.
      Well. A lot of times I felt it wasn’t my place, and today I regret all those times. And when I at least tried to make a difference or fix something or extend support to someone, today I can have some peace for all those times. It is delicate balance but someone has to try.
      Thanks a lot (again) 🙂

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      1. Can’t blame this one on me 😛
        It is a delicate balance, isn’t it?. Especially if it has blown up in your face in the past. Just makes you tread a little more carefully I guess. Something we realize and get better at the older we get. I think. 😬

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yea this time it’s not you. It is. It’s like a curse when you are put in a situation like that. And every time it blows up in your face no matter what, first reaction is always outrage because you have introduced an inconvenient point. Maybe with experiences you prefer staying away from the mess but then doesn’t it bother you later? If you had tried maybe it would have gotten better or someone would have gotten justice?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am so reactionary that it’s hard to temper my tongue. Sometimes I am able to remember to let something rest just a bit before reacting but majority of the time, nope. No filter.

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