Chand raat chatter

Well chand raat is night before Eid.

Now here’s the funny thing. We, muslims follow lunar calender and Eid is on the first of month shawwal.

So we wait for the moon sighting to decide if it’s going to be Eid tomorow or not a d that can take some time.

So I was scheduled to go with friends on firs today of Eid and in my head (God knows why) i firmly believed Eid would be on Wednesday.

I vividly rememeber my aunt telling me theres high chance it’s going to be on Teusday butni was fasting and so were my senses.


So I thought I will do groceries tonight.

Fix myself tomorow, that’s chand raat.

And on the way to get groceries I suddenly sensed traffic getting heavy.

Hmm… that’s fine..Eid is close..

Then I opened the group where my friends were discussing the details of Eid meetup. And half of them were saying it could be tomorow.

Well. It took like 1 hour to get the confirmation that moon has been sighted and Eid will be tomorow!!

What do it do??

I called Sam. I asked a simple question.. should I get groceries or fix myself??

She said forget groceries, fix yourself for the love of God you don’t want to lose friends on Eid.

That reminds me I tried insta make up few days back. I was like..this Eid I want to look like other girls.

I want to blend in this time.

I remember I used some shades of brown gold maybe green and black on my eyes..and red lipstick!!

And then I looked at myself in the mirror.

I haven’t seen anything funnier in months. Like McDonald’s should contact me!

I was laughing so hard rest of the day.

Well. Back to chand raat.

So I came back home ran to bathroom look at my face..its a human face..

Came to bed opened a bag of lorens salt and pepper chips (this thing is like drugs!!) Took my crack water (it’s normal sparkling water) and then it was me my phone and food.

Then it suddenly struck me.

I came home to fix myself.

But it’s late and I’m tired and lazy so I grabbed a magnifying mirror turned my reading lamp on my face and started plucking my eyebrows and moustache (I don’t wanna be looking Mr. Mirza)

After this dramatic transformation I went back to food and phone.

Now I forgot what I actually had to tell you guys!

I think I’m just having funny anxiety.

I went out and was pacing in living room and ran into the wall twice but that wall is just too immune to this bumping so we both are fine.

Came back and felt I’m gonna pass out.

I’m excited for tomorow.

When I was younger, like a century ago. I would apply henna on my sisters and friends and neighbor’s hands and that would be chand raat for us meanwhile mom took care of the rest.

Now being adult. It’s us doing all. And all those fun and fancy stuff is gone.

Nothing sad about it. We just grow out of things.

I can apply henna, but that’s really not priority anymore.

Niether are matching accessories.

No it’s more about showing your face to people so that they know it’s been 1 year you haven’t died because I met these friends last year.

Or just doing whatever its required.

Now our work is more of facilitators so that people around us can enjoy.

And if we can succeed in that maybe that what matters now.

Or maybe it’s just about going with the flow.

Well I’m hyper and I will keep writing.

Eid Mubarak to friend celebrating right now.

And chand rat Mubarak if you have chand rat right now.

Have a good day/night.

Live and let live.

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