Late night gibberish

I had a small victory today.

It’s stupid to even say that but yea I got job and I really had to play smart this time. Which is so unlike me but life recently tought me anyone can double cross you..Anyone!

Just get them a motive and they will stab in a second.


Things are on track but life’s moving too fast. Way too fast. I feel I’m running against time.

But at least I’m moving. I told my dad I’m walking and I keep walking wherever I see a path, in the end I will get somewhere or at least I won’t regret not trying.

Just doing what it takes to survive.

Just being where I feel needed.

Trying hard to stay away from places I’m not needed.

I don’t even know what I’m doing I came here to write something, just something, anything.

Writing directly in wordpress editor.

It’s 1 am. I have been talking to family throughout day whenever I got time.

I actually called dad in the break n told him to pray for my problem and at the day end it got solved miraculously.

I’m talking about getting my job offer letter signed. Can you believe that?

I typed my own letter, printed it on my own and gave it to my boss. Sometime you have to lead a very difficult situation.

And I suggested my own position. And he agreed because I didn’t argue with him on salary, he was on a budget.

Idk where my life is going.

But I was just telling my sis, if a huge chunk of my healthy years were taken away from me, I will get something to compensate.

There has to be something.


Before I fall asleep.

Guys never ever think your hands are empty.. we always have something but we don’t know what to do with it.

We don’t realise importance of that little something.

Keep working on yourself, your health, your personality and your skills..and me kind to your mind.

Your mental health is everything.

Take care of yourself like you would take care of a loved one.

Life is cruel most times but you are never ever empty handed.

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