A Poet’s Voice

I just opened The Bell Jar and air swirled in a dark cave of my mind, actually one of many dark caves.

But this one is special.

This one is pristine.

No dust, no spiders, no webs.

It’s like a clean portal with darkness of a black hole, that can swallow every smile on the planet in one morsel.

It’s reserved for Sylvia Plath, The queen of melancholy!

She marked her name on it when I heard her voice for the first time.

Hauntingly beautiful



I listen to poetry in between..life..

And Sylvia Plath reading Sylvia Plath is an experience you can’t miss.

It’s surreal.

Three words into the book I could hear her voice from her cave, as if she was desperately waiting for this moment.

It took few brief moments for her whispers to morph into her same strong, pained tone.

The rest, it’s not me who is reading.

It’s her, reading her own words to me.


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14 thoughts on “A Poet’s Voice

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  1. Long ago, mid-Seventies in fact, I performed “Daddy” for my poetry class at the University of Arizona. The instructor’s criticism included the notion that the last line, “Daddy, Daddy, you bastard, I’m through.” should be almost screamed. But a happy discovery pf Plath’s own reading on YouTube years later revealed that the resigned, acid-bitterness I’d used for that last line seemed to be identical to Plath’s interpretation. She should know!

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    1. A lot has to do with how poet’s words resonate with you. If they strike the right chord with you, you can almost feel the emotions vibrating within your bones. Never once i have heard Sylvia Plath almost screaming in any of her poetry reading (at least out of what’s available on youtube).
      And honestly poetry recitals recently tend to be more dramatic and if you manage to find original reading by the poet, they flow naturally with the words.
      You were right.

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