Ungrateful, Aren’t We?

Laptop: Damaged people are dangerous, they know they can survive.

Me: What are you gonna do?

Set me on fire like you haven’t burned my thighs enough?

Start panting like you do when I open 500th tab??

Or embarrass me with autocorrect just because I suck at spellings?

(Never won a single friggin spellathon).

This is the kind of abuse I inflict on my MacBook.

We are in a toxic relationship and this time she is the victim and I am the one holding the whip

Poor thing has stuck by me like a third kidney through the darkness and even darker darkness.

Never once complained when I would just toss it on the rubble of snacks on my bed.

Didn’t even wince every time my toddler niece stood on it. I hope I was exaggerating. This 15 kg kid thought it’s a weighing scale or something.

Ate with me whatever I feed the keys.

She hasn’t slept in months. I have kept her awake and dragged her with me everywhere in my torn laptop bag that’s stapled to not completely fall apart, because who had time to stitch it. Her’s life depends on just a few pins even when she is dragged across countries.

I wish this wasn’t an exaggeration either.

Haven’t been groomed (updated) since.. umm.. months? years??

Endured by relentless stabing of keys every day!

And how did I repay her??

She got a scratch today. A visible deep scratch.

Honestly, it cut me so deep I looked away. It took a moment to realize that damage has been done.

Then I took an alcohol swab cleaned her, can you believe she had dried paint on it, along with oil and dirt?

I literally had my fingerprints in red paint. If it was accidentally at a crime scene,  I would be in jail.

Paint, not because I painted something on it. Because I was painting something else and I touched it and never bothered to clean.

Now I’m thinking maybe I should get a sleeve or skin or something for her.

We don’t realize the worth of something until we fear losing it. Isn’t it?


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