Omg.. lm overwhelmed with joy right now and I’m so so grateful.

Today i got notification its my 4th blog anniversary!!

If that didn’t make me tear up the next thing definitely did.

Do you guys know about saatchi art?? It’s biggest (as far as i know) art selling website, with a massive audience.

I never thought about selling my art before because honestly there’s a lot of emotions involved i will get to that in some other post.

So, i have been researching about the whole business of selling art for a month or so now and a few days last year. But this time i felt i was ready.

I started making my profile yesterday and today my id got approved and i got this email.


I just explain my feeling, this euphoria is melting my heart.

Saatchi is a Big place!

I’m filling the whole thing one by one because I’m scared too and don’t wanna mess it up. It’s incomplete for now will let you guys know when it’s done.

Idk what’s gonna happen.

It feels like beginning of Self-publishing journey all over again.

I was scared, excited and tried not to expect anything at all.

It’s new beginning for my art. I have never sold it any form before except a cover i did for a fellow blogger long ago.

And again i can’t thank you all enough for encouraging me.

I thrived because you were cheering for me.

Even tho it’s just first step, i wanted to share this happiness with you all.

You guys are simply the best people on earth

Please take care of yourselves, you are important to me. 🙂

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