Chaos is a sticky web.

Once you accidentally fly into it, you are imprisoned for an eternity.

Sun soars and sinks on the horizon in a perpetual  loop and you helplessly watch it everyday.

At night, you count the same star until you fall asleep. After a few nights you know every trail, every constellation, every glistening speck on the sky, by heart.

Winds of time blur your soul and one day you stop counting sunsets.

Your wings age and crumble like an autumn leaf.

And your hands get fused into the viscous strings.

Everyday, new prisoners fly into trap and follow the same fate, further crowding the cell.

The shoving and bumping, the flashes and noises, the laughters and wails, the cacophony drives you insane.


With whats left in you, you long for one moment of calm.

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Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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