Yesterday Was a Good Day

We have a lot to say about the bad days but I don’t think we appreciate the good ones enough.

First of all let me replace WE with I here. Because this is something I do. A lot of you guys are far more positive than me.

I’m the one walking with this ominous cloud of doom all the time.

But yesterday was different.

It was result of days of rest to be fair.

I got my 2nd jab on last Sunday and then on decided to be gentle with myself and put everything else on hold.

I have been having horrible anxiety before that, we will get into that later.

So, yesterday my mind and body was well rested, mind was sorted and task lists were decluttered.

I was ready to create.

After a long time I created art that I was happy about. Because I wasn’t worried about anything else. 


And my first little cherry tomato turned red.

20210312_220113 (1)

This whole thing completed a full circle from a small cherry tomato from groceries to a plant and then its own baby that actually look like a tomato.

I didn’t have really high hopes because poor thing is still in a disposable cup. They get fungus gnats when I transfer them to more soil and bigger pot.

It was so satisfying.

After a long time I wasn’t throwing myself into work to deal with anxiety or looking for diversions and overlapping everything so that my mind doesn’t get a chance to let negativity in.

My mind was clear as blue summer sky.

I caught up with friends, family and acquaintances.

I’m able to think. I’m able to write.

Above all, I’m able to let go.

There are little things that pop up that would shoot my anxiety through the ozone. But now I think “ok, we will see if something happens. Shouldn’t worry until then”

I sorted the notes in my phone.

20210312_221512 (1)

I worked out a little too. Trying not to exhaust myself.

I also braided my hair. Some days just combing your hair and braiding them is an achievement worth celebrating.

And fixed my tip jar logo in the side bar. I just needed clear head to figure out, it took a few minutes.

I do have a little shivering and fever today but not of concerning level. I’m tracking my side-effect by date and writing them down so that God-forbid things worsen I will be prepared.

Overall yesterday was a good day 🙂

.. (1)

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