Sharing Socials…And Perpetual WIP

This artwork is getting harder than I thought, maybe because I’m trying to work on it in the middle of my 10 thousand chores and or just treating it like one of those things you do to cope.

Normally when I’m struggling mentally and I resort to art, I let the emotions lead the process.

This time I was trying to made something nicer/happier/positive, which doesn’t sync with my current state.

Art that’s reflection of your feeling doesn’t confuse you, it knows its destiny.

Am I making any sense?


I also wanted to remind you all of my social media accounts in case they are not visible enough.

I’m not really good at social media and all.

Instagram @awkward_expressionist

Twitter @nfmirza

Would love to connect with you guys there too. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Sharing Socials…And Perpetual WIP

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  1. Usually, when I was in emotional turmoil or suffered a bout of depression, I avoided achieving creative excellence. I left that to those moments of bliss. Instead, I let my faculties explore the craft, felt the material surface of the canvas through the brushstrokes, smelled the pigments, the oil mediums, and just let the body do the work. Usually, after having spent the day in that kind of manner, the dark veil’s began to lift. Of course, there are no recipes, every situation requires its own solution. But we must ask ourselves, why did we choose to follow a creative path, it appears after all to be the best and only solution.

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    1. I have read this comment so many times, im surprised i havent replied to it yet.
      you approach itself is an art form. I think that’s how creative minds work. they are running purely on instinct. for me greif/pain/depair or any dark feeling block the excess light and i can sense better. some part of inspiration always comes from depths of my own mind. i did my best works (writing and art both) in my darkest times. in those moments it was my best and only solution.

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